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10 Images That Show How The World Has Changed Since 2012

It’s amazing what happens while you’re focused on other things. Ernie Keebler's been so busy baking that we haven't seen him in four years. But now he’s ready to get caught up on the modern world!

1. Filters

2. Mars

3. The Apocalypse

4. Sloths

In 2012: The year of the sloth!

Now: Still the best animal.

5. "Here’s my number. So call me..."

6. Vampires

7. Matthew McConaughey

In 2012: Stripping on screen!

Now: He's got a gold statue!

8. Selfies

9. Fleek

10. Psy

Seriously? All that was only four years ago? No wonder Ernie Keebler feels out of the loop!

Goodness gracious! Why on earth would I want to block all cookies?

Follow along as he learns the ropes of social media and shares the wonder of his Fudge Stripe cookies with the modern world!​