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11 Parents Who Should Cool It With The Texting

They taught us to walk. The least we can do is teach them to text.

It's 2016. Pretty much everyone is texting now. But that doesn't mean everyone is texting well.

For example, parents.

1. They don't always get the etiquette right away.

2. Maybe they text you instead of doing a Google search.

3. Or they confuse texting you for something else entirely.

4. Texting is a whole new venue for dad jokes.

5. Seriously. It's a whole new world of dad jokes.

6. Explaining internet jokes can be a whole thing.

7. Sometimes they need a little handholding when it comes to new apps.

8. Because "sulfies."

9. But then they try new things before you??

10. And eventually they figure it out, and then it's nice for everybody.

11. Until this happens:

It takes a while to learn the ropes. Ernie Keebler knows. He’s waking up to the modern world after all this time and sharing the wonder of Keebler Fudge Stripe cookies with everyone!

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