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    17 Reasons You Should Skip The Resort And Visit The Real Dominican Republic

    We all love the awesome beaches in Punta Cana, but let be honest guys that's all commercial. Its time to get out of that resort and visit the rest of the Dominican Republic.

    1. Santo Domingo is an Amazing City for a Walk

    Perfect for Instagram!

    2. and it's Beautifully Located by the Water

    Talk about an awesome view!

    3. Los Tres Ojos is also located in the City of Santo Domingo

    its a cave located in the Mirador del Este Park.

    4. If You Want to Take a Break from the Busy City, Santiago is Where You Go

    Some streets have kept the same architecture for ages, it's beautiful.

    5. Santiago is Known as the City of the Cabellero (Gentlemen)

    6. Which you can't leave until you've visited the Monumento

    Inside theres a tour about the Trujillo dictatorship.

    7. Had an Authentic Plate of Mangú

    Lets be honest guys, no Dominican Post would be complete without Mangu.

    8. Played at Least One Dominos Game with a Local

    Be prepared because they will wipe the floor with you! LOL

    9. or Try Every Tropical Fruit You Could Get Your Hands on

    Chinolas are heavenly.

    10. You Just Can't Leave the Dominican Republic without visiting Puerto Plata

    11. and Checking Out Their Small Waterfall: Damajaqua Cascades

    12. or Getting a Chance to see Jarabacoa

    13. You Have to Convince Someone to Take You Out to the Campo

    14. You HAVE to Stop and Admire the Street Venders

    15. and Grab Some Fresh Coconut Water

    16. Go Horseback Riding Through the Country

    17. And Make Sure You Party With the Locals

    Thats When You'll Really Fall in Love with the Dominican Republic!

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