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    Taylor Swift Is Your Free Psychologist

    Some say she's insane. Insanely knowledgeable about L-O-V-E that is. Here to fix your broken heart is Taylor Swift, your Free Psychologist.

    When You Are Desperate For Answers…

    When you are Bargaining about the Heartache…

    When you feel nothing but sadness…

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    The break up with your lover has you crying? Trust us, it’s okay. There’s no better way than letting out all the tears in the world in my most sad, sappy song, “Teardrops On My Guitar”. Is the guy/girl you care deeply makes you say, he/she "everything that I have to live without” ?

    What relatable lyrics. Being without the person you love, makes you purely miserable.

    But the single line alone that I hope connects listeners far and wide is the well-known chorus line; “He’s the reason for the teardrops on my guitar.” Why it connects? Well, although we may not have guitar to cry on during heartache, we all have something in which we lay our emotions out on, it could be a pillow or a gallon of ice cream.

    Before the chorus begins, the last line of the second verse “I wonder if he knows he's all I think about at night” shows how sad feelings of heartache drives us to affecting our physical well being. But look no further because “Teardrops on my guitar” will let you sad hearts let it out, and ya’ll definitely have your own teardrops of you own falling down your cheek. Because trust me, I do.

    When you are angry….

    When you have finally accepted the heartache…

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    You. Have. Made. It. Acceptance. Now I order the most perfect, bittersweet tune for you. Maybe some time for some positive reflection of the ended relationship? In the tune “Tim McGraw,” I begin with an telling the story about “boy in a Chevy truck/that had a tendency of gettin’ stuck/on back roads at night/and I was right there beside him all summer long”. The little antidote takes back the broken heart to thinking about the good times of the relationship; because part of accepting the heartbreak is treasuring the memories.

    And, although, their relationship has ended, all the heartbroken and myself have accepted the break up because of the last two lines of the chorus, “When you think of Tim McGraw / I hope you think of me.” These heartfelt lyrics mean that I want the ex lover to not only to also treasure the memories like the little things they shared such as a simple Tim McGraw song, but also hope they think of each other. Does this tune not have you feeling the feels? Because, I know I do, and that is why it connects so well to you. Overall, as the M.D. I want listeners to feel empowered while listening to the tune, but if you listeners shed a bittersweet tear, it’s okay. I promise this is the first step to moving on.