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WATCH: College Eyecandy Came Out To His Classmates By Reciting A Heart-Melting Love Poem

I think I just found my future husband.

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Steven Boyle is a 20-years-old college student who was in the closet his whole life, until he decided to come out in the most creative way -- by reading the poem he wrote in his poetry class to the rest of his classmates after changing all the gender pronouns from she/her to he/him.

In speaking with The Gaily Grind, Steven revealed, "While I've never been afraid of public speaking, the thought of telling a room full of people my innermost thoughts, scared the ever living shit out of me."

The poem is about Steven's ex-crush who he said had broken his heart. Steven's well written words very aptly describe the nerves and anxiety we all feel when we have a crush on somebody.

The recital was interactive, fun, and very nice to watch indeed.

Watch the recital of 'i hit send, or modern meltdown' here:

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And of course, what is a Buzzfeed article without some Instagram pictures?

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Back to the recital... Steven said that that night was "one of the most memorable" of his life.

Well good for him.

And even better for us.

H/t: The Gaily Grind

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