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The Next Big Thing In Men's Fashion: A New Campaign That Aims To Revolutionize "Luxury" By Making Premium Menswear Affordable Again

This campaign is not only going to change the way you look at luxury, it brings you right to the core fundamentals of the day-to-day dress clothes you wear. Get ready for some fashion education!

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Question: How much time do you think it takes to make an off-the-rack designer shirt?

The answer is 30 minutes.

On the other hand, a custom shirt from Buttons 'n' Threads takes 11 HOURS to produce...

Why the difference?

Well, there's customization involved, but of course, there is so much more than just that which adds to the 10 hours and 30 minutes time difference.

The word is QUALITY.

On 30th May, Buttons 'n' Threads launched its "The Finest Dress Shirts" project, with the vision of making quality luxury affordable.

But before we dive into the campaign and all that it has to offer, let us first look at the options we have in the market right now.

Today, for dress shirts and suits, most people go to the high-end labels' bricks-and-mortar stores...

Or smaller designer boutiques like these.

And now we also have a pretty universally standardized size system.

Are you XS, S, M, L OR XL?

"Oops! Sorry sir, we ran out of M size. Do you want to try the bigger or smaller size instead?"

The truth is, luxury fashion for men wasn't like this in the beginning.

Mass-produced high-end menswear only came about after modernization in the early 20th century sparked off an era of endless assembly lines and automated manufacturing.

A large garment factory, circa 1910.

A large garment factory, circa 1910.

So what's the issue?

Well for starters, many of us are missing out on having A CUSTOM FIT, and this is IMPORTANT because, why pay $3000 for a suit that doesn't really fit you perfectly?

A custom tailored suit that compliments your shape and fits your personality lets you say who you are without having to speak.

And how do you know whether the suit fits you right?

Most of the time, it's extremely hard to find dress shirts and pants at the stores that fit you perfectly along every seam...

And conform to your body's every move like they're your second skin...

Wear your clothes. Don't let the clothes wear you.

What's the second issue? QUALITY.

And it's not just the quality of the fabrics used to make the clothes, but also the WORKMANSHIP invested.

Every seam counts. Every stitch counts. Even the quality of the needle and thread used matters. Of course, we mustn't forget the buttons!

Also, it is in most of our perception that the high-end designer brands always deliver the high quality they promise.

Well, with those three-to-four-figure price tags, they better be giving us good value for our money, right?

Sad to say, many brands out there today artificially inflate prices, as well as invest a hell lot in marketing to create an illusion of high quality.

It's a pity, really, that in many cases, quality has become the secondary concern. Thus at the end of the day, what the consumer is paying is more for the label and not so much for the shirt itself.

So what's the solution to all these issue of FIT, QUALITY and PRICE?

How do you make sure that you get the best value out of it all?

The solution? Find yourself a good tailor to custom-make your shirts.

It's time to cut the bull.

Pay for something that actually 1. FITS PERFECTLY, is of 2. THE FINEST QUALITY and is 3. WORTH EVERY CENT of your money!

But not just any tailor.

Here is what "THE FINEST DRESS SHIRTS" campaign has to offer:


Here, their business is the fit...

And they are talking about an excellent cutting with great proportions from head to toe...

They are talking about the smallest details...

From the (almost-invisible) stitchings...

To the delicate works for the buttonhole...

And even finer details...

And not to forget, CUSTOMIZATION....

For ordering of your first piece...

After Step 1 and 2 of choosing the shirt or suit you like and selecting the customizations...

Just simply follow the video guides provided to set up your measurement profile. It only takes 15 minutes and you can do it straight from home. And don't worry, the tailors from Buttons 'n' Treads will go through every measurement with you again to ensure the right fit.

Here's an example of the easy-to-follow video guides put up by Buttons 'n' Treads:

And of course, why wouldn't you want a price table for easy comparison?

And by the way, Buttons 'n' Threads gives FREE shipping worldwide!

Currently the campaign is going at the 15K goal by offering SIX different choices of fabric.

As the campaign hits more targets, it will offer more new designs!


The shirts will be produced in India, which has long been known for its tailoring traditions and handwork. The shirts are manufactured in a specialized shirt making facility where women from villages are recruited and provided training for a year before they are transferred to the actual production floor. This provides meaningful employment to the women so they can look after their families better and learn a trade skill.

The highest standards of quality and workmanship are maintained to offer the finest product. The factory is centrally air-conditioned and employees are provided with working gloves to ensure safety and maintain cleanliness when handling these fine shirts.

Buttons ‘n’ Threads is also partnering with the Care India Foundation.

The Care India Foundation is one of the biggest non-profit organizations in India. It is established 60 years ago with the goal to empower women and girls from poor and marginalized communities so that they can have an improvement in their lives and livelihood. The organization focuses on the empowerment of women in India and as experience shows, when equipped with the proper resources, women can have the power to help whole families and entire communities overcome poverty, marginalization and social injustice.

5% percent of the total funds raised through this campaign will be donated to Care India Foundation for generating skilled employment for women and their empowerment.

Wait! There is also a Referral Program that let you get a shirt for FREE.

And if you're still not sure, click here to see reviews from Buttons 'n' Treads' customers.

Founders of Buttons 'n' Treads, Yashas Alur (left) and Sanchit Baweja (right).

Seeing the luxury clothing business from the customers' perspective...

Having been in Australia for the past four years, Sanchit and Yashas were set to complete their graduation from the Australian National University. For this special occasion they wanted to buy nice suits. They looked around extensively, but ready-to-wear suits never fit perfectly and were made using cheap polyester blends. They considered the option of a custom suit but soon found out that as students they could not afford to pay a couple thousand dollars for a suit. At this point they wished they could get one tailored back home. Both of them decided to send their measurements to tailors back home and were impressed with the custom suits' fine wool and fit. No alterations were needed either! They wanted to provide the same luxury to others and joined in to make ordering custom suits online a possibility. Buttons 'n' Threads offers men the smart way to suit up without causing a dent in their pockets.

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