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    Posted on Mar 2, 2015

    #ManCrushMonday: Male Model Cole Monahan Is The Ultimate Proof That Demigods Exist And They Walk Among Us

    He has hair that purifies your soul when you touch it, and arms to crush your heart when you let it slip.

    BREAKING: Individual named "Cole Monahan" claims that he's a 22 yo male model originally from Tennessee. And obviously, that's NOT completely true. THE TRUTH IS, HE IS ACTUALLY A DEMIGOD!

    Like seriously, how is it possible that a mere human can possess such glorious beauty and perfection?????????

    Just look into his eye and let him see through your soul. BAM! You just received divine intervention #bless #urewelcome

    And that ridiculous jawline sends people to heaven and back down in 50 milliseconds.

    So before he became the Demigod he is today, he used to play football in high school:

    And here's a picture of a younger him:

    And this selfie was taken before he transitioned to become a Demigod. We can already see some potential there: The power within those arms to crush whatever monsters that escaped from the underworld.

    8 weeks and BAM! Of course, since he already has the destiny to be a Demigod, it's only normal. Like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. #Transformation

    And then the moment arrived. *cue thunder and lightning* A Demigod was born.

    And now as a half-human-half-god he can easily summon light, just so that it illuminates his perfectly sculpted body and shows us what the word Glory means.

    And he can moonlight as a model, just like that:

    And like this:

    And in sportswear...

    Or sports gears...

    Or a tux...

    Or just with this much covering on him.

    He has hair that's so soft you just wanna run your fingers through it and have your soul purified by it.

    But then when you look into those eyes and you're like, I die.




    And it's true that he can pull off any hairstyle, because well, he's a Demigod.



    Do you feel like going to the beach right now too? YAASSSSSAAAAAAA

    And who doesn't love a man in a plain white shirt?

    Or a denim jacket?

    Or him wearing THOSE ARMS. They shall be called SOUL-SMASHERS.


    And FYI those arms also help to create heavenly music. In an interview, Cole said that he would play the guitar in his free time. Not sure if he prefers to do it naked all the time, not that we mind though.

    Cole is currently the new face of Charlie by Matthew Zink.

    For safety reasons, before you proceed, please dim the brightness of your screen in case his HOTNESS burns through your computer and you get caught on fire.



    LAST WARNING: Please lower the brightness of your screen.

    The Perfection.

    Currently Cole is getting into acting. Though it's clearly an unfair game since he's a Demigod and he can like, charm people into doing his biddings????

    There is clearly nothing we can do to about it. Like, we are only humans. Duh.

    And you know how they say it: If you can't win them, join them. So I guess we can only remain powerless and weak in the face of this Demigod.

    You can follow his Instagram HERE, and his Twitter HERE for daily blessings.

    #TooBlessedToBeStressed. Happy Monday Everyone!

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