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Louis Vuitton Goes Royal, Debuts Cruise 2015 Collection In The Prince's Palace Of Monaco

A master collection of all 45 looks by Nicolas Ghesquière for Louis Vuitton Cruise 2015.

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Louis Vuitton Brings Its Debut Cruise Collection to Monaco

Last Saturday evening was a big night for Louis Vuitton, as the 160-year-old luxury brand debuted its first ever cruise collection. This addition is also ex-Balenciaga designer Nicolas Ghesquière's second installment for the fashion powerhouse after he took over Marc Jacobs as Louis Vuitton's new artistic director of women's collections end of last year.

Louis Vuitton flew a select miscellany of press and celebrities to Monaco for the showcase of its very first Cruise collection. And where else better in the French Riviera to host such a grand and momentous occasion than the Royal Palace, Palais Princier de Monaco?

Sitting elegantly in the square of the Monégasque palace, an exquisite custom-built glass cube hosts the event, housing around 300 guests, including A-list actresses such as Charlotte Gainsbourg, Jennifer Connelly, Adèle Exarchopoulos, Brit Marling, Ziyi Zhang, and Mackenzie Davis. And of course, Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of American Vogue, was also among the crowd of famous faces.

But the most notable of the show's guests is not world-renowned celebrities or power figures of the fashion industry but real royalties: Prince Albert and Princess Charlene of Monaco. Escorted into the glass house by a blurring crowd of bodyguards, the royal couple was joined with Bernard Arnault, chairman and CEO of LVMH. Every guest stood in honor of the royalties' arrival, and the show commerced the moment the Prince and the Princess were at their seats.

The show started with the unfurling of the motorized curtain around the venue. The video screens installed in the floor came alive with a realistic display of clear seawater undulating over rocks, shot by French video artist Ange Leccia in Corsica.

The Runway Looks

The Louis Vuitton Cruise 2015 collection appears to be an extension of the preceding Fall collection, which showcased during Paris Fashion Week in March.

However, this new Cruise installment appears to enjoy more artistic freedom, as seen in the mismatching combinations of bold prints and striking lines, as well as the more diverse collages of contrasting textiles (lace, leather, silk, glittery and metallic fabrics, and etc.) on the runway. Further, we see the profusion of pastel hues as well as random candy-bright splashes, and also all-blacks.

A commonality shared between Ghesquière's Fall and Cruise collections is the fit-and-flare silhouette. Having said so, for the Cruise collection, the clothes are much more embellished, and thus more playful. Flared, knee-length skirts with scalloped hems and crusted aquatic motifs bring a youthful energy to the runway. The front of some dresses is fastened with a thick, black industrial zipper, adding more edge to the overall look.

Ghesquière has also injected a tinge of Bohemian vibe into the collection, with models dressed in flashy '70s-esque tailored pantsuits that are high-waisted and slightly flared at the bottom.

At the show, the Louis Vuitton woman walks on either chunky heeled sandals or boldly patterned knee-high heeled gladiator sandal-boots.

The Formal Wear: Tailored Pantsuits

In this section, we see head-to-toe (boldly) patterned suits, as well as combinations of plain pastel-colored high-waisted pants with slightly flared bottoms paired with flashy tops.

These looks certainly tell of the range, versatility and flexibility of Louis Vuitton's women's wear. These pieces are for the female CEO, the businesswoman, the corporate leader and the working mother.

4. This all-black pantsuit with a matte leather collar piece has exposed red seams running vertically and horizontally on the light-absorbing fabric. The waist is cinched with a light-colored belt running through the enlarged belt loops.

The Two-Piece Look Finished with Knee-Length Skirt.

Lacy tops dominate to give an extra hint of sex appeal.

14. An eye-catching two-piece consisting of a finely-patterned black-and-white long-sleeved top embellished with red barnacle-like motifs, paired with a knee-length skirt with a unique matte black leather cut-out that forms a T shape in the front.

15. A black lacy long-sleeved top that is completely see-through, matched with a black knee-length skirt that is amply embellished with glittery details and intricate needlework, and includes a pure white T shape design in the front.

16. A two-piece look combining a sophisticated lacy, double-layered top with two red circular embellishments, and a black knee-length skirt with a crisscross design of blue-colored kelps/corals and a white scalloped hem.

Formal Wear: The One-Piece Dress

For this section, we see a play of lines and patterns and colors to add edge and modernity to the looks.

Style It With A Jacket

For the more adventurous, bright colored leather jackets are here to spice up your overall look.

The Rise of the Cruise Collections

"Cruise," also sometimes called "Resort" or "Pre," is a collection that is designed and presented during the period between the spring/summer and fall/winter poles of the fashion sphere. Cruise is the answer to wealthy clients' demands for fresh outfits when they escape to the topics, away from the winter cold, for holiday.

So what's the big deal about Cruise? Well, according to Michael Burke, Louis Vuitton's CEO, Cruise is the brand's "most important collection." In fact, he described it as "everybody's biggest collection."

Truth be told, pre-collections are in fact the best-sellers. Surprisingly (or not), the combined sales from the traditional spring/summer and fall/winter collections only make up around 30 percent or less of the designers' earnings. It is estimated that the cruise/resort collections can contribute as much as 35 percent of what goes into the designers' pockets. The remaining 35 percent comes from the "Pre-Fall," which is presented each year during the 3-months period between November and January.

Earlier this month, Christian Dior held a star-studded Cruise show in New York, with appearances by Rihanna, Olivia Palermo and Marion Cotillard, just to name a few.

Chanel on the other hand made a lavish excursion to Dubai last week, showcasing its Resort 2015 Collection by the sandy shore of a man-made island off the coast of the emirate. Guests enjoyed the fashion spectacle orchestrated by Karl Lagerfeld in the comforts of an elaborate Moorish palace built specially for the event (at a rumored cost of £1.4m).

One-Piece Dresses With A Twist

Here, we have short dresses that have thick black zippers, beautiful embellishments, and mash-ups of contrasting fabrics.

30. A semi-translucent white dress with bright orange neckline and waist band, a thick black zipper that runs vertically on the front, and a cream-colored flounce. Look completed with patterned knee-high gladiator sandal-boots.

36. A long-sleeves-under-sleeveless-dress look similar to Look 34, but this time with an amply embroidered V-neck dress with pink-and-blue-colored coral patterns branching from bottom to top, and a teal scalloped hem.

The Two-Piece Look, With Matching Top And Bottom, Or Not.

Here are some clashing combinations that play with the bold color mismatches and showcase a cacophony of shapes and lines.

40. A shoulder-revealing top that sports a design similar to that of Look 3, with the addition of streaks of brown-colored embroidery, matched with a short skirt with orange-and-purple coral-design embroidery and a bright purple scalloped hem.

42. The white top lined with black vertical stripes sports a black collar and a silver zipper, matched with a bright colored flared skirt with extensive orange and purple embroidery, cinched at the waist with a little black belt sporting a black ribbon.

44. A round-neck, long-sleeved top in metallic blue, paired with a mini black skirt that is plain besides the large paisley embroidery, cinched in the waist with a thin black belt sporting a black ribbon on the front.

45. A black one-sleeve top with a similar design as Look 40, paired with a short black leather skirt sporting purple-spotted orange coral embroidery design and a purple scalloped hem, finished with a thin black belt with a black ribbon on the front.

Shoes and Accessories of the Louis Vuitton Woman

What to wear on your feet and what to hold in your hand to complete the Louis Vuitton Cruise look.

WATCH: Louis Vuitton Cruise Collection 2015 Montecarlo Full Show (HD)

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The Verdict

The new Cruise 2015 collection by Ghesquière truly lives up to the "ready-to-wear" description, with a wide range of looks that can be easily incorporated into any woman's wardrobe. There are pieces that are young and fun, and there are those with a more formal, professional touch. The playful mashups of contrasting colors and seemingly clashing shapes, lines and fabrics push the realm of creativity to a new level, and have certainly set a high benchmark for Ghesquière's future collections.

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