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I Went To A 6am Yoga Class And What I Found Was Surprising

Where am I?

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There were actual people there

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Yeah, ok. There was a small part of me that believed I would be the only person there. I even felt like a fool the whole subway ride there, thinking "Katherine, you fool, no one else has ever woken up this early ever and you will be the only one there and how awkward that will be!" I was wrong. There were at least seven other positively insane people there. And no one was even SLEEPING.

Everyone was actually good


Why would you come to a 6am yoga class if not to hide your terrible yoga skills?? That was MY brilliant agenda! And yet the person next to was basically in a headstand the entire class. If I could just touch my toes I'd be in the after-work- 6pm-crowded-af class so that everyone could see me.

The Instructor was so happy.

I love happy people. I thought I loved happy people. I hate happy people who tell me to "come on, really try" to touch my toes at 6am.

It was over at 7am and then I had to go to work

At the end of class, I felt as though I had lived an entire lifetime. I had grown up. I had lived and learned. I had almost touched my toes. And then everyone started getting up and we all had to leave and do all of the day. I thought we had all implicitly agreed to die right there on our sweaty mats! Betrayal stings.

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