21 Weird Non-Iconic Movie And TV Props Being Sold On eBay

For the über-fan in everyone.

1. Olivia Wilde’s shirt from Butter, $499

It touched her skin.

2. An outfit one of the warrior’s wore in The Prince of Persia, $729

You know, that really popular movie that did so well.

3. A giant squid egg from Sphere, $41

“My guess is that the little guy inside is made from urethane plastic tinted green and then given a simple paint job. He was then suspended and encased in a hot melt vinyl egg. The egg has yellowed a litte over the years, and he is a little difficult to see, but I always remembered the embryo to be hard to distinguish.”

4. Foam Rubber Snowballs from Ted, $24.99

At the beginning of the movie, when Mark Wahlberg isn’t liked by any kids – even the one being bullied – these are important.

5. Robert Duvall’s Deep Impact NASA notepads, $8.95

There are five of them! (Fifth not pictured.)

6. Wedding invitation from Something Borrowed, $79

For a wedding that (spoiler!) never happened, this truly does commemorate a moment in time.

7. Three Saving Private Ryan KIA (Killed In Action) Letters, $24.99

A good way to remember that time you cried for awhile.

8. Jennifer Connelly’s cell phone from Hulk, $99

A reminder that this is from the one without Edward Norton, if that makes this phone more valuable to you.

9. A twenty-dollar bill from The Punisher, $8.99

A fake twenty-dollar bill for less than $20 is basically a steal.

10. A rope from the short-lived Bionic Woman, $9.99

This was apparently used by Isaiah Washington’s character. You can use it to remember Isaiah Washington’s attempted comeback post-Grey’s Anatomy.

11. A decorative floral plate from Charmed, $24.99

Memorable in no scene ever.

12. Revolutionary-war style clay pot from The Patriot, $29.99

13. A business card and cassette tape from Leap Year, $69

Important stuff to mark moments from a love story we’ll remember forever.

14. Chris Klein’s sweater from American Pie 2, $49.99

Too bad Chris Klein doesn’t come with this AM I RIGHT LADIES?

15. Ben Franklin Hotel nametags from Silver Linings Playbook, $55.00

“Each nametag has Ben Franklin Hotel engraved on the top and what their title was, such as bellhop, manager, and security.”

16. Decorative filigree candle stand from Sex and the City 2, $29.99

SCENE: CARRIE SITS AT THE WINDOW. CARRIE: Looking at this beautiful object, I couldn’t help but wonder; can the right candle stand make or break a relationship?

17. Four chairs from Angels and Demons, $1500

You can buy these now for $1,750 if you’re in a rush and don’t want to risk losing them.

18. A tennis ball from Employee of the Month, $19.99

Fun fact this tennis ball is FOAM which is why Dane Cook and Dax Shepard didn’t get hurt when they were being hit with them.

19. Four frogs from Magnolia, $9.99

There is an important scene with frogs in this film. These are those frogs.

20. Adam Sandler’s sneakers from Grown Ups, $199

“There is some mud left in the treads presumably from the lakeside retreat where a lot of the film takes place.”

21. Yearbook from One Tree Hill, $50

No wait this is actually a great deal.

Bonus: these Tree Hill High Diploma covers.

There is truly only one Tree Hill.

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