The Most Inappropriate Kinds Of Questions Chelsea Handler Asks

In honor of her 38th birthday, let’s celebrate what a phenomenal interviewer she is.

Comedian and talk show host Chelsea Handler has a certain style about her.

She tends to ask questions that get to the point pretty quickly.

1. For instance: Questions about people’s sexual proclivities.

2. Or who they have slept with.

3. And what they did with those people.

4. Her favorite questions are truly about what people are doing in bed and with whom.

5. Like questions about the state of her guests’ marriages.

6. Or even whether they’re getting married at all.

7. Sometimes she asks about more peripheral relationships.

8. Or just how rich and spoiled the person she’s talking to is.

9. Or how much their friends suck.

10. Sometimes she asks them obvious questions.

11. Or more specific things about their bodies.

12. Or more general things about their bodies.

13. Chelsea likes to find out what her guests are bad at.

14. Or what drugs they take.

15. Illegal, or not illegal.

16. Or how much schooling they’ve had.

17. Or whether they have any common sense at all.

In conclusion: Chelsea is a phenomenal interviewer who treats her guests with dignity and respect.

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