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The Most Frustratingly Drawn-Out TV Will-They-Or-Won't-Theys

For every Ross and Rachel who got back together all the time, there was a Josh and Donna who were all about anticipation. TV WRITERS, STOP TORTURING US.

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10. David and Maddie, "Moonlighting"

People rag on Moonlighting for losing its steam once this couple got together, but whatever — the vibe between David and Maddie was always hot and their first real kiss at the end of Season 2 should not have happened any later.

9. Jim and Pam, "The Office"

Pam and Jim were both so nice, it was like they couldn't do anything to "wreck the friendship" (plus they were both intermittently in other relationships), but in Season 2 they finally share a passionate kiss that was totally worth waiting for.

8. Clark and Lana, "Smallville"

These two kissed in Season 2, but it was a total cop-out because Clark was under the influence of the dreaded red kryptonite, thus tainting the reality of it all. They finally got together in Season 5, when they both lost their virginity in a scene set to Coldplay's "A Message" (really romantic choice, guys).

7. Luke and Lorelai, "Gilmore Girls"

They had years of flirty banter, but the teasing became too much, with Lorelai's weirdo relationship issues and Luke's inability to make a move just becoming annoying. Luke finally listened to set of super-helpful relationship advice tapes and asked Lorelai out for real, a victory for men who wear backwards baseball caps everywhere.


6. Brennan and Booth, "Bones"

The relationship between Brennan and Booth is the reason to watch Bones, so it's unclear why it took, yet again, until Season 7 for the couple to get together. Most frustratingly, we find out in Season 5 that they kissed once before the show even started!

4. Mulder and Scully, "The X-Files"

These two partners in work and eventually in love didn't kiss on-screen until Season 7. What is it about Season 7? Are the first six seasons not good enough for unconsummated love?

2. Elliot and Olivia, "Law and Order: SVU"

Eliot and Olivia never got together, and it doesn't look like they will, given that Elliot's off the show (though it's still airing, so we can hold out hope). Also, he's married and has five kids, but so what? That's what divorce and shared custody are for.

1. Josh and Donna, "The West Wing"

Josh and Donna didn't happen until the very end of the show, during the magical Season 7. And by that I mean they didn't kiss, even once, despite the fact that everyone knew they were in love. They say delayed gratification is great, but this is just too much.

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