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The 5 Types Of Kim Kardashian Makeup Tutorials You'll Find On YouTube

Youtube is literally LITTERED with Kim Kardashian makeup tutorials -- the first thing that comes up when you start typing “Kim Kardashian” is “Kim Kardashian makeup." This is despite the fact that New York magazine recently wrote of Kim that “while she has made People’s Best Dressed list, when it comes to high fashion she has been met with a cool shoulder. Behold, the Kim K make-up tutorials that best capture her barely evolving signature look.

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1. The Classy

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Makeup artist Samantha Chapman of Pixiwoo is British and therefore has an excuse for not knowing who Kim Kardashian is. Chapman does say she knows she’s “huge in America” and because of that, got so many requests to do a look like her that she went ahead and tried it out. This is despite the fact that the make-up “is not going to look anything like her because I don’t know anything like her.” “I don’t read the gossip magazines...who is she?!” Chapman exclaims in her video. (Her sister also for Kim's second marriage that we all know about).

2. The Annoying

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The best thing about watching a makeup tutorial is clearly the chatting; it’s incredibly soothing to listen to these women (and some men) blather on in a sort-of modern lullabye for the fashion-obsessed. So Youtube user sccastaneda misses the mark as her video is set to some sort of inexplicable repetitive club music interspersed with the sound of the clicks of a camera. She has several other Kim K videos that are a little more normal i.e. sans the feeling that you are inside a speaker system at a fashion show in Zoolander, but they're still not stellar.

3. The Look-alikes

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Love her or hate her, “I could have a full channel dedicated to [Kim’s] make-up tutorials” says Eman of Make-up by Eman -- and she's right. Maybe that’s because she looks just like the six Kardashian sister.

4. The Capitalizing on a Missed Opportunity

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There are tons of tutorials from Kim’s short-lived wedding to Kris Humphries, but since she was stupid and didn’t do a video herself with her makeup (or, knew the wedding would be short and didn’t want another reminder of it), all her fans used a list on Kim's makeup artist's website (see below) which they combined with photos to figure out HOW TO GET THAT LOOK.

5. The Mother of Them All: The Dueling Kim’s

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These final two are by Kim’s two different makeup artists, both of which were uploaded about three and a half years ago. They are the godfather of Kim K makeup tutorials because at the beginning she's not wearing makeup, which, for anyone who sees her these days, doesn't happen anymore.

The first is a five-parter that adds up to over 20 minutes of make-up lessons for one look that she calls “The Kimmel” (because she, duh, wore it went she went on Jimmy Kimmel). Kim reveals that she names all her looks and promises that next time she’ll do “Baby Doll” but sadly, it is nowhere to be found, except perhaps referenced in this Tweet. This set of videos are with her makeup artist Stephen Moleski, and it was first on her channel/site on Celebuzz, but has now been uploaded by some stalker fan who cannot get enough.

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The second set of legit makeup videos is with Kim’s “favorite make-up artist” Mario Dedivanovic (who did the makeup for her wedding to Kris Humphries) and is on his channel, though features the same captioning as the first with Moleski. Here she does a “more wearable look” like she wore on her Vegas Magazine cover in 2008. This one is three parts and around 15 minutes.

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