Proof That Groupons Aren’t As Funny As They Used To Be

The tech startup is facing accusations that they’re financially unsound, but more importantly, they’re just not funny anymore.

In 2011, the New York Times wrote that, “Groupon’s breakthrough sprang not just from the deals but from an ingredient that was both unlikely and ephemeral: words.” The company has popularized its product on the back of some pretty absurdly written copy. But lately, as it’s introduced Groupon Goods (the part of the company that sells actual discounted products, instead of just coupons), the infamous Groupon voice seems to be getting lost.

2. A classic Groupon

Multiple references to mermaids and Aquaman make this sushi place sounds delicious, if weird.

3. The new stuff

But now that they’ve added Groupon Goods, the copy mostly reads like something you’d find on Amazon.

This one from 2011 isn’t amazing, but at least it’s trying.

Some of the Groupon Goods posts are kind of quirky. We can give this one partial credit.

And this one certainly gave it the old college try.

But what is this?!

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