Disney Starlets Are Just Like Us

Except when they make highly stylized dance videos that go viral.

1. On Saturday, Selena Gomez uploaded this video of her and her friends dancing around.

2. It’s set to the song “Everybody Knows” by Dustin Tavella.

The lyrics of said song are “Your boyfriend is a douchebag /And everybody knows/ Your boyfriend is a douchebag/Your momma told you so.”

3. For such a casual video, it’s well-produced.

4. And features other relatively famous young women, like Francia Raisa of “Secret Life of the American Teenager”.

5. A few months ago, Gomez uploaded another one of these videos.

6. It’s really similar to this week’s video.

Except comments on it aren’t disabled.

7. The girls are wearing “casual” clothes and only dance for a part of the song.

8. They’ve also chosen a song that has similar themes of man (or boy) hating.

9. And had their friends choreograph it.

10. These videos play out like they’re just a casual afternoon among friends.

13. Fans try to replicate these themselves.

14. In arguably more casual settings.

15. In early 2012, Gomez, then-boyfriend Justin Bieber and Disney star Ashley Tisdale were featured in a video dancing to “Call Me Maybe”.

16. (People freaked out about this near-kiss moment.)

17. They were probably the first to spark the “Call Me Maybe” dance video trend.

Bieber’s support of Jepsen definitely helped propel her to fame.

18. That video was uploaded by Carlos Pena of Big Time Rush, a Nickelodeon band/TV show.

19. “We were hanging out with our friends, we were making a video and we just posted it online and it obviously went crazy,” Gomez later said of the video.

20. Gomez has released other variations of these “uncensored” moments.

Like her singing Backstreet Boys with her band backstage.

21. Or tweeting about what she does on a regular weeknight with her friends.

22. Instead of like, this.

Evan Agostini / AP

23. And she’s not alone: around the time the “Call Me Maybe” video was released, Ashley Tisdale did her own dance video with Vanessa Hudgens.

24. Some people in the media have remarked that these videos send particular messages.

25. Whatever they’re doing…

26. …it’s definitely not nothing.

27. And the fans love it.

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