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Controversial Opinion: “The Lizzie McGuire Movie” Was Way Better Than The Show

Hear me out: Though TV shows are rarely improved upon by their movie versions (AHEM, Sex and the City), Lizzie got better on the big screen. Here are all the reasons why.

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2. In "The Lizzie McGuire Movie," there's no Miranda.

Sorry, girl: Your character sucked and spent the whole show third-wheeling all over Lizzie and Gordo. Everyone was happy you missed the trip to Rome because you had to go to Mexico with your family.

4. There are multiple amazing song and dance numbers.

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5. Including a few with Paolo, the dumb-as-a-rock Italian pop star.

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Especially because of it includes this classic Hilary Duff single.

18. The show never had a scene anywhere close to as good as the finale scene in the movie.

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