33 Incredible Beaches To Get You Stoked For Spring Break

If you’re lucky enough to be able to get away this year, think outside the box.

1. Go to Perth, Australia.

STAFF / Reuters

2. Or the Whitsunday Islands.

3. Or Sydney.

Mark Kolbe / Getty Images

Even the rocks look inviting.

4. Or Mermaid Beach.

They have rainbows!

5. Or the Bay of Fires.

It’s so hot that it’s in the name how hot it is.

6. Nearby Wharariki Beach in New Zealand is also not bad.


Lots of nice looking large rocks.

9. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is always a great choice.

11. But Greece! Oh Greece.

12. Especially the Peloponnese coast.

It might be the best for beaches.

13. California has a bevy of choices.

Like Big Sur.


Or regular old San Diego.


16. In Negril, Jamacia you can have a drink at a bar and then just jump in the water when you’re bored.


Or if you don’t like jumping there are regular beaches too.

18. You could go with Oranjestad, Aruba, always a classic.

19. Mimaropa, in the Philippines.

20. Or Tulum, Mexico.

21. Or Vieques, Puerto Rico.

22. Or the North Shore of Hawaii.

23. You can try red sand beaches.

This one is in Iceland.

24. Or black sand beaches.

This one is in Hawaii.

25. The South Pacific is not just a musical. This is Funafuti, Tuvalu (it’s really called that!).

26. And Iran is right on the awesomely named Caspian Sea. This is Hormoz Island.

27. Beaches don’t even have to be warm to be exciting, like Dyrhólaey, Iceland.

28. Minffordd, Wales.

29. The Isle of Portland in the U.K.

31. Basically anywhere you can do this:

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