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    31 Totally Wearable Vintage Archie Comics Looks For Girls

    Betty, Veronica and their friends wore clothes that you coveted – and some that should never be worn again.

    1. That paisley skirt.

    2. Veronica's outfit in this scene.

    3. This shrunken sweater.

    4. Veronica's great coat.

    5. No idea why Betty is looking so sad about her hatbox/suitcase when she's wearing this poncho.

    6. The furry pants a gender-swapped Archie is wearing.

    7. These sunglasses.

    8. Betty's great pattern juxtaposition.

    9. Any of these bathing suits.

    10. Or any of these bathing suits.

    11. Maybe not any of these.

    12. These pants.

    13. The dress is amazing, but the bottle that looks like a clutch matching it is a great touch.

    14. For your next formal occasion, this dress.

    15. For the office, this outfit.

    16. Find a time to wear these.

    17. Veronica's whole outfit.

    18. These tights.

    19. Veronica here, especially her bag.

    20. Betty's dress.

    21. Look at the lining of Veronica's skating skirt! (Also the chain on her sweater.)

    22. These see-through skirts.

    23. Betty's fringe dress.

    24. This tube top.

    25. Some of these shorts.

    26. This classic LBD.

    27. The women, however, did not always make great sartorial decisions.

    28. What is with the jumpers Betty?

    29. This looks more like pajamas than something to wear outside where people can see you.

    30. No, Betty.

    31. No, Veronica!