28 Reasons You’re Bummed You Never Watched “The Pussycat Dolls Presents”

It was sort-of a Making the Band rip-off, but the CW’s two-season show was endlessly entertaining in its own right.

1. It had a really unecessarily long title: The Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll

Season one aired in 2007 under the pretense that the group was looking for a seventh member of the band, though the gossiped-about truth was that Nicole Scherzinger was trying to leave and launch her solo career.

2. The show was produced by Robin Antin, the Pussycat’s creator.

When she liked something, she’d do this.

3. Every episode was basically the same. The girls would get an inspiring video message from PCD announcing that week’s theme.

The girls would rehearse a song or two all week and then perform at the end of the week for the judges and one would be eliminated.

4. Producer Ron Fair was one of the judges. This was the face he would make most of the time.

Even when watching some of the girls booty shake…

this is the face he would make.

Not having it/unimpressed/wishes he was eating a sandwich at home alone.

5. Their vocal coach Eric Dawkins was just as honest.

6. Lil’ Kim was there too.

Looking very Lil’ Kim.

7. Mickey Mindin was their choreographer.

“Let me just tell you, I know the brother’s gay, but there is just something about him that is so sexy” – contestant Melissa S.

8. Oh and don’t forget Mark McGrath, who hosted the show.

Here he is with Sisely Treasure, whose rock vibe made her stick out a lot.

9. They performed burlesque-y versions of old songs.

While wearing historically inaccurate clothing.

10. There were always the girls who could do one thing really well.

Like Chelsea, who had a great voice but was a bad dancer.

Or Mariela, who was an amazing dancer with a sub-par voice.

As shown in this poor-quality video.

11. Occasionally they wouldn’t have to dance, and would just sing pop hits while walking around a stage with a stripper pole on it.

This is Melissa R. tearing up during Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing” because she was “thinking of [her] grandma.”

12. Robin Antin was looking for someone who was JUST RIGHT.

That ended up being Asia. She got to keep her boa, but didn’t stay in the group long. (Also note Ron Fair getting thisclose to smiling at Asia’s joy.)

13. The second season of the show focused on creating a new pop group made of three members.

“The idea of Girlicious is it’s new, it’s fresh, it’s young. Girlicious will be a little bit more street, a little bit of an urban vibe. It’s what every girl will aspire to be.” (Emphasis added.)

14. Like the first season, the show had an impressive roster of talent behind it.

15. There was a lesbian on this season.

Everyone screamed (with excitement?) when they found out.

16. There was a true redhead this season!

Also known as Ilisa.

17. There was a new vocal coach.

18. There was more butchering of classic songs.

19. More Lil’ Kim nose twitches.

20. And Mark McGrath was still around.

Carrie had to sing Sugar Ray’s “Fly” to him. He didn’t comment on whether he was a fan of her rendition.

21. In season two there was plenty more of the blank stares we’d come to know and love.

22. There was a week when they only performed songs by boy bands.

23. Unrelatedly, JC Chasez showed up!

24. In a surprise upset, FOUR girls, not three, were chosen to be a part of Girlicious.

A few fell to the ground when they found out.

25. Nichole, Tiffanie, Chrystina and Natalie put out a few videos.

Such as “Like Me.”

26. Or “Baby Doll”.

Great song titles.

27. But really, we should remember The Pussycat Dolls Presents for Ron Fair.

28. And his amazing hats.

Never forget.

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