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27 Struggles Only A Swimmer Can Understand

Swimming is the best sport on earth, but it's also full of people who are incredibly misunderstood.

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1. Being confused with divers.

2. That no one cares about the sport until the Olympics.

Clive Rose / Getty Images

3. That no one takes the sport seriously.

4. Wanting everyone to know they can do this.

5. How bad they are at land sports.

Ian Walton / Getty Images

6. Trying to work out after not getting in the pool for a while.

It goes slowly.
Getty Images

It goes slowly.

7. People not understanding that just because you're in water doesn't mean you don't get thirsty.

Or that you don't get hot. Or don't sweat.

Or that you don't get hot. Or don't sweat.

8. Getting up early.

9. Green hair.

10. Keeping track of what event/heat/lane they're in.

11. Reacting like a lunatic when they drop infinitesimal amounts of time.

12. Doing the Butterfly.

13. Never getting enough of the water.

Even if they're in it all the time.

Even if they're in it all the time.

14. How to be the most festive during competition.

15. How much water they swallow on a given day.

16. When non-swimmers whine about the water being too cold.

17. Tan lines.

18. Always smelling like chlorine.

19. Male swimmers acting like they look like this after they shave:

Even thought they really just look like this:

20. How much swim caps suck.

21. People who don't know how to tread water.

22. Goggles.

23. Having the coolest suit possible.

24. Big shoulders.

25. Crowded lanes.

26. False starts.

27. Water in the ears.

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