11 Types Of Weird AMA Requests

Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything” prompted even President Barack Obama to answer questions about his life. But redditors want more information.

1. A male (fill in the blank):

Gynecologist, flight attendant – things that men do that are “women’s work” – are a fascination among those requesting AMA’s.

2. Someone who has experienced something terrifyingly specific:

Flickr/Tambako the Jaguar

3. Or had a life-altering, rare, random experience:

4. Someone from such-and-such movie or TV show:

5. Someone who was in the Ku Klux Klan:

Harry Benson / Getty Images

No seriously, someone who was in the KKK:

6. The same famous people over and over again:

Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

7. Someone who has the secret to fortune (and fame):

Louis DeLuca/Dallas Morning News / MCT

8. Someone who looks at naked women a lot:

9. Someone who can solve a conspiracy theory:


10. Someone who works on a reality show:

This is despite the fact that they all sign very strict contracts so they cannot talk about the shows that they work on.

11. Oh, and whoever lives in the “Breaking Bad” house:

People REALLY like that show.

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