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TAKE THIS QUIZ and find out which 2400 12th floor resident you are at heart ;)

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  1. Where is YOUR ROOMATE from?

    We're from HP!!
    She's from highland park too *includes hand gestures*
    idk almost Arkansas
    She plays volleyball
  2. What are you most likely to be doing on a Wednesday night?

    meeting w my BA324 group for a project
    studio what what
    cooking & Netflix
    watching a movie in 1242
    visiting my friends rooms unannounced
    eating kit kats in the law library
    idk probably having multiple coffee dates until the late hours
  3. What are you eating right now?

    probably pasta w/ vodka sauce
    large FIJI water
    trail mix
    probably cheese
    almond milk and almonds
  4. Do you stress out about school?

    "No, I'm just here to get married." *internalizes debilitating stress and sadness*
    grades are arbitrary
    LOL, I only stress about people
    no, I'm just a free spirit yo
    yes but it's my fault bc I procrastinate
    uh duh #interiors
  5. Who is your favorite celebrity?

    Jiminy Crickey
    Jiminy Crickey
    1980s Harrison Ford
    1980s Harrison Ford
    Johnny Depp
    Johnny Depp
    John Krasinski
    John Krasinski
    Harry Styles
    Harry Styles
    *unintentionally skips this response*
    *unintentionally skips this response*
  6. White or wheat?

    wheat, but I may be averse to gluten
    wheat and I'm going to forget it in the fridge for 3 weeks
    i don't discriminate when it comes to carbs ok
    r u talkin bread or color swatch
  7. What adjective best describes you?

    idk confusing??
  8. What is your most interesting class?

    GOV 312 lol help
    The Black Power Movement
    bible and it's interpretations, so if you want to talk Old Testament law, lemme know
  9. Favorite MASH result you've ever gotten?

    be a baker in a house with a herd of corgis and (insert 3rd grade crush)
    I can't remember anything from that long ago
    I have no memory of life before 11
    live in the country in a shack with a huge family and play the fiddle
    live in a mobile home with Clark Gable and work as a full time park ranger

    I balled when Jesus gets lashed in The Passion of the Christ
    When Holly throws Cat out of the taxi and into the rain in Breakfast at Tiffanys *ugly cries*
    Saving Private Ryan in its entirety
    nothing is ever sad on HGTV
    when ray the firefly dies in princess and the frog
    first 5 minutes of UP
    I don't get sad at movies. But also, any scene in the last song.
  11. favorite social media outlet??

    I keep up with my fans on FB
    Pinterest (override: she meant Vine)
  12. What do you do when you're bored?

    netflix and clean ;)
    take a nap
    stare at a map and google life’s biggest questions
    bake cookies
    start a movie, favor something and take a nap in the time it takes the runner to arrive
    hop around
  13. what are you doing RIGHT NOW

    this quiz duh
    sitting on a bus at asid student symposium
    planning a surprise party
    rushing to nannying, or helping Triple A tow my car again...
    flying to Belgium
    probably napping
    sitting in American Studies class
  14. Are you a morning person? Night owl? Neither?

    these days neither but especially not morning
    night OWL
    100% morning person
    night creature
    I thrive from 2-6 am
  15. Describe the perfect date ;)

    firearms and food are the way to my heart
    candlelit dinner in the moonlight with a string quartet
    May 24, 2017 (my 21 bday bishesssss)
    April 25th ;) *my birthday*
    I'm here for school not boys
    dinner and a concert
    watching the sunset, stars, and the sunrise, all with coffee and Ben rector softly cooing in the background
  16. PICK ONE

  17. What is your personality type??

    I don't have a personality
    also ENFP
  18. favorite beverage?

    chai latte
    diet coke
    Mountain Dew
    Dr. Pepper
    Sanpellegrino Aranciata
    coffee coffee coffee
  19. Which pick up line works best on you?

    Can you help me, I seem to be lost… in ur eyes
    "I baked you some cookies because I love you"
    "I like your bracelets" lol no
    don't flirt, I'll do that
    "Do you want to study together sometime? I'll bring pizza."
    do you have bug spray? Because I have butterflies in my tummy;)


You got: Kaylan "Can I sleep on your couch" Brown

YOU'RE THE KAYLAN BROWN! You're a spunky zista with a mild vine addiction. You have a knack for making strange noises when people least expect it, and you tend to sing your sentences when stressed/hungry/bored. You brighten the lives of those around you, but you're scary before, during and after accounting tests. In your past life you might have been a chipmunk, and Spongebob quotes are an acceptable form of communication with you. You may not know what you want to do with your life, but you definitely want to marry a boy from HP and move back there STAT (jk). You may or may not have anxiety but it’s ok because it’s nothing tiffs can’t fix. *talks about loving Lizzey Hill and Zeta*

Kaylan "Can I sleep on your couch" Brown
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You got: Jilly "Call me Fitz" Fitzpatrick

You're a total Jilly and you’re probably wearing stripes. You love school, but more importantly you love your friends! Even though you live in 1240, you can almost always be found in 1242. Dominos thin crust meat lovers pizza. You're always down to hang and watch a movie. You most definitely do not like being called Fitz. In your past life you were probably a zebra or some type of sea mammal. CHIO O TILL U DIE O but also #greekunity amirite? Anything British. You’re a fiercely loyal friend and never shy away from an opportunity to share your faith. You went to ACL alone to see Willie Nelson and you regret nothing. You don’t really cuss unless you’re around Katherine (dammit Katherine) and you share your bacon. WHAT A FRIEND!

Jilly "Call me Fitz" Fitzpatrick
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You got: Lizzy "Do you need a hug" Seay

You’re the preciously majestic Lizzy ¨̮ !! You’re probably cooking rn. In your past life you were either a Disney princess or an orchid. You have GREAT PIPES and you don’t know people in the hall sit outside ur room and listen to u practice singing and playing the piano ;) “Let’s go to Cenote!” You’re humble and an incredible listener. Everyone loves being in your company and appreciates your unfailing kindness. You hug people when they least expect it and don’t take no for an answer. ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE. Your foodsta (@dormestic) is lowkey intimidating, but you always share your food with ur pals ;) Wife material rating: 11/10

Lizzy "Do you need a hug" Seay
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You got: Taylor "Can I just rant for a second" Mahnke

You’re the one and only Taylor Mahnke!! You LOVE architecture and never fail to share your design ideas with ur fellow 12th floor gals! You love all things studio, design and DELTA GAMMA (oh yeah and delt). Tiff’s oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Rhino and Grasshopper are not ur friends, but someday when you’re a stable twentysomething living the dream in the big apple you’ll look back on those long nights with pride. In your past life you were an arctic fox. You’re an INCREDIBLY thoughtful roommate and friend and you’re always there with a sweet note and cup of tea to make anyone’s day. #gowarriors #ripgiants You love encouraging your friends to stick with squat challenges and you’re always down to make bacon. You might hail from the lovely state of California, but you know Texas is superior and LOVE UT.

Taylor "Can I just rant for a second" Mahnke
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You got: Katherine "Do you want some tiffs" Doan

You’re KATHERINE ANNE!! You love movies, naps, favor and long walks on the beach. If you aren’t listening to music, you’re listening to an audiobook. Pride and Prejudice. QUALITY TIME IS YOUR ONLY LOVE LANGUAGE. You may or may not be addicted to facebook, but you have to give the people what they want amirite? You read too much and socialize to little… SIKE that’s impossible. You have no idea if you want to be an engineer, lawyer or a location scout for movies but your fallback will always be Disney princess. You’re always down for super last minute trips to Europe or Rangers games or anywhere tbh bc you fly by the seat of your pants. In your past life you may have been a hermit crab or an eagle. RING CHING. You can almost always be found either outside the tower or in the law library because you like studying where you can see the sky. In kindergarten, you said you wanted to be an airplane when you grew up. You love guns, grass, education reform and your car fergie. #blessup

Katherine "Do you want some tiffs" Doan
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You got: cricket

you’re the cricket. you like to arrive unexpectedly and wreak havoc on 12th floor inhabitants. you’re sneaky, but we appreciate how intentionally you pursue our company.

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You got: Lizzey "Let's get coffee sometime" Hill

LIZZEY HILL!! You are a BUNDLE of joy and a total ray of sunshine in the lives of those you touch so intentionally. You have a gift for making people feel incredibly loved and valued and you maintain a fast-paced social calendar filled with endless coffee dates and checkup errands ;) Hand gestures!! You LOVE getting to talk about Jesus and nannying your precious little children. (support for 8 am French) #zeta4lyfe You look for the best in others and seek out each person’s unique passions. YOU ARE PROBABLY OVER CAFFEINATED BUT IT’S FINE. Your energy is contagious. In your past life you were probably a puppy – no wait you were definitely a coffee bean. You inspire people to be the best version of themselves and are truly a joy to be around!! YOU GO LIZZEY!!

Lizzey "Let's get coffee sometime" Hill
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