How Not To Talk To Deaf People

In 10 simple steps. Please don’t do these things.

1. When a hearing person who just learned ASL approaches you and starts signing…

2. Their reaction when realizing I can talk…

3. Awkward.

4. Ten minutes into a conversation, “So, how do we communicate? Do you need a sign language interpreter?”

Wait, talking is not communicating?

5. “Oh, you lipread?”

Stop over-enunciating; you look like an ass and it doesn’t “help”.

6. “Where are you from? Where did you get that accent?”

Here we go…

7. “How are you deaf? You are so beautiful.”

What exactly do deaf people look like?

8. “So… how do you drive?”

Did you really just ask me that?

9. “Wow, you can dance!”

I have limbs…

10. “Being deaf, that must suck. I feel bad for you.”

NO, I feel bad for YOU, you uneducated fool.

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