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5 Affordable Tips To Travel To Europe Under 1,000 Dollars

Europe is on almost everyone's bucket list. Here are five helpful tips to get over the Atlantic under a budget.

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1. Book an international ticket out of JFK New York , EWR Newark or MIA Miami .

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Why? There are a lot of competitors and international traffic out of these three airport. JFk have a few new discount international airlines like Wow and Norwegian Air . In average you could pay 350 to 400 dollars on the discount airlines and 450 to 600 round trip on traditional carriers. And yes you will have to book a separate flight to and back from one of the three cities. You will have to recheck your bags in and out of security.

2. Book six months in advance .

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From my experience you will always get the best deals internationally if you book months in advance. Prices will always go up as the expected travel date gets closer.

3. Avoid booking flights on Expedia, Orbitz and Priceline.

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Yes they are very convenient when bundling your trip but they try fail to give you the exact break down on the airfare. And sometimes can be higher . You will more likely get the deepest discount from booking the flight directly from the airline website. Instead I recommend using search sites like Kayak ,Mobissimo , Vayama ,Sky scanner and google flights . Other useful flight search apps :Hopper , Airfarewatchdog ,Fareness, Hipmunk and Jetadar.

4. Try booking flights during the off season.

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Going during the peak of the Tourist season means long lines and higher prices. Try to arrange your schedule in traveling during the low season typically when everyone is not on Holiday or vacation. Look for flights in the months of mid October to late March and towards the end of the high season in mid June .I have also experience fewer crowds in September if you prefer warmer weather.

5. Save money by flying country to country with in Europe.

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Europe have the most extensive train system in the world. And it is probably the best way as to see the the different landscapes, but train travel from country to country in Europe can be very expensive. Try booking a flight on one European ultra low cost airlines like Ryanair and EasyJet. Average one way ticket is between 15 - 50 Euros. Both airlines are comparable to Sprit , Frontier and Allegiant Air in the US.

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