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Which Member Of Room 4 Are You??

This is very important, are you Catie, Carly, Kelly, or Lexi?

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  1. What are you jamming out to in your car?

    Hamilton or Disney
    Hamilton or Disney
    Ed Sheeran
    Ed Sheeran
    Top 50 Hits
    Top 50 Hits
  2. What is your favorite thing to talk about?

    Cardinals (baseball)
    Beauty and the Beast
    Cardinals (the bird)
  3. Where are you most likely to be if you're not in room 4?

    Pharmacy building
    Coffee shop
    Alwayz in room 4
  4. What are you stressing about?

    The dust on your desk
    AC302 (something with numbers)
    The future
    Having enough teacher clothes
  5. Who do you want to be like?

    Jennifer Aniston
    Emma Watson
    Steve Irwin
    Johanna Gaines
  6. How do you react when you're excited?

    Gasps excessively
    Say "Omigsoh you guys!!"
    Straight face
    Say "Omigosh you guys"
  7. What do you order at starbucks?

    You don't have a usual, you go to a different coffee shop every week.
    Cool lime refresher when it's warm. Vanilla latte when it's cold
    Cold=Chai tea latte Warm=peach green tea
    I would rather have a powerade
  8. What's your catchphrase?

    That's so extra
    Aw shoot.....
    Guys, what should I do?
  9. What's your hidden talent?

    Impressions, specifically stitch
    Bargain hunter
    Vast knowledge about the animal kingdom
  10. What are you doing on a Sunday morning?

    Being productive
    80 different things
  11. What's something you always carry with you?

    Hand sanitizer and lotion
    Hair tie
    Water bottle
  12. Guilty pleasure?

    Popcorn and red powerade
    People watching
    Buzz feed
  13. Where do you want to travel to?

    New Zealand
  14. Favorite Disney princess?

    Belle or Rapunzel
  15. Bucket list item?

    See northern lights
    Get scuba certified
    Sleep in Cinderella's castle
    Go to every MLB stadium

Which Member Of Room 4 Are You??

You got: Catie

You are the most likely to move to New York to become either a disney princess or a schuyler sister on Broadway. You are constantly singing either Hamilton, Disney, or Ed Sheeran. You start everyday with oatmeal and end it with chocolate (preferably). You also don't take a bad picture........

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You got: Carly

Your sense of dress is like a mullet, very versatile. You go from business professional to sweats within the hour. You're usually the most sensible of the group but have the best laugh. You are the most likely to be out of the room because you're so busy kicking' business butt and turbo kick. As you can see from the picture, you're a chocoholic as well.

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You got: Kelly

You're usually the first one up and stare out your window every morning and people watch. You love baseball and try to hang during the roomie jam sessions but ends up looking up the lyrics because you only remember medical terms. You're also most likely to speak in an Australian or Stitch accent

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You got: Lexi

You were just recently quoted stating you will do anything for free breakfast food. Also, you're always chilling on the futon either watching Phineas and Ferb or listening to bird calls. If not in room 4, you are likely to be hiking in a park looking at nature. Your go to hairstyle is a bun and you usually wear 3 different outfits within a day.

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