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AKA The Whitest People in America complaining about First-World Problems: The international edition

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On the subject of much entertaining are you anti social, teddy bear collecting morons doing?


Oh, ya'll need a 10 acre backyard because you like to entertain? WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU ENTERTAINING, ELEPHANTS?! You aren't hosting the Presidential Ball, so I'm sure you're terrible friends are fine hanging out in the living room and the kitchen.

No you will not find an American size apartment in India, or Zimbabwe, or Lithuania or anywhere for that matter.


Oh, this apartment in Paris just doesn't have the same “feel” as your 100,00 square foot estate in the Hamptons? I'm so sorry! Whatever shall you do?!

I can't even with these privileged dunderheads who insist on living in a new city, then complain that it's too noisy.


Or better yet, too dirty, or the food isn't the same, coffee's too strong, or not enough people "speak American".

I CANT, I just cant.

These upper class "humanitarian volunteers" expecting a "spacious kitchen" in Thailand are the reason the rest of the world hates us.


Guess the mini fridge isn't tall enough to fit your excessive American ego. Nor is there enough counter space for your sheltered world outlook. cool.

The token passive aggressive wife, is really. not. feeling it.


Like what's up with all these American stepford wives, being like "ugh my husband is forcing me to move to this stunning foreign country because his terrible inconsiderate boss at his horrible, lucrative job isn't realizing that I need my soul cycle and couldn't possibly live without an american size bathtub despite the fact that I haven't taken a tub since 1998.

....And most importantly where did Suzanne Whang go?


The captivating host who used to show off her razor sharp bangs and deliver lines with her eyebrows. Any honorable HGTV lover would recognize that sultry voice that narrated it's way right into our hearts and homes.

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