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14 Things You Should Never, Ever Say To A Lesbian

The list goes on. There are just some of the most common ones that really make us want to smash our head against a wall.

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1. "It's just a phase."

20th Century Fox

Oh, really? So then I've been going through this same phase for the last 20 years. Seems legit.

2. "That's hot."

The CW

This is both disgusting and offensive. My relationship is not your entertainment. Stop talking.

3. "Who's the man in the relationship?"

There is no man. That's the beauty of it.

4. "You can't know for sure until you've slept with a guy."

Oh, so you've slept with someone of the same sex, then, right? I mean, how else could you know you're straight?

Oh, so you've slept with someone of the same sex, then, right? I mean, how else could you know you're straight?

5. "Just don't hit on me."


Get over yourself.

6. "Just don't show it in public."

Screen Gems

I'll remember this the next time you're shoving your tongue down your S.O.'s throat in public. Because I'm sure everyone LOVES to see that.

7. "You're going to hell."


See you there, my friend.

8. "You're gay? But you're so pretty!"


This may sound like a compliment in your head, but it's really not. Thank you for implying that I'm supposed to be ugly.

9. "I guess you don't want children, then?"

CBS Television Distribution

You guessed wrong. It's 2015. There are ways.

10. "Guys are so annoying. I'm turning lesbian! Less drama."


Anywhere there are females, there is drama. Why would you think a relationship with two girls is less dramatic? Good luck with that.

11. "How do you have sex?"

The best response to this is one that is not appropriate for a school project.

12. "Why do you hate men?"

ABC Family

Oh? I didn't know that not being sexually-attracted to someone meant that I hated them. Thanks for letting me know!

13. "I mean, hey, it's your choice!"


Again, this may sound supportive, but it's not. We didn't choose to be gay anymore than you chose to be straight.

14. "My cousin is gay, too! Maybe you know him!"

Warner Bros.

My cousin is an idiot, too! Maybe you know him!

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