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The 10 Truths Of Backpacking

It's not every day you get to backpack the world. But when you do, you realize there are certain indisputable truths.

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1. Without fail, 30 seconds after you lock your bag you'll remember you need something in it.

It doesn't matter how organized you are or how many times you think, "this isn't going to happen again". It does.

2. Everyone secretly hates the snorer

Sure, everyone's all smiles and chitchat at happy hour but behind those friendly eyes they're cursing your name and wondering where they can find you Breathe Right strips.

3. You will meet really interesting people

Every backpacker has a story. As you wait for the train or check-in to your hostel, you'll exchange stories and find yourself continually in awe of the people you cross paths with.

4. You're always wearing something that should have been washed a week ago

Laundry is expensive, you brought a limited amount of clothes, and there's not always time to hand wash. The sooner you accept that you'll always be a little dirty, the happier you are.

5. At some point, you'll get ripped off

Whether it's a cabbie charging you three times the normal rate or someone pickpocketing you on the subway, it will happen.

6. Every now and then, you won't believe this is your life

The moment could come while staring at the Swiss Alps or leaving the bar at 5 a.m. with 7 people you met yesterday. The experiences are so amazing that sometimes you just have to shake your head and laugh.

7. The answer is always yes

Want to go for drinks? Join fellow backpackers to their next destination? Go to a barbecue hosted by a local you just met? Yes, yes, and yes.

8. It's okay to spend a night in bed watching a movie on your phone

Once you realize that every moment doesn't have to be legendary, your body will thank you.

9. Every two weeks, you need to repack your bag

Yup, time to take everything out and put it all back in. Again.

10. Every time you think you're ready to go home, you see something beautiful and feel rejuvenated

It's like the universe just knows.

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