Things That Are Faster Than The BuzzFeed Elevator

There aren’t that many things in the world that are faster, so this list will probably be short


Trans-Atlantic Freight Shipments often take between 8 and 12 days. That’s not too long at all!


Giant Tortises - By land and by sea! “The speed of a tortoise varies according to species. The slowest tortoises in the world have been clocked at only 0.13 mph to 0.30 mph. However, when they take to the water they increase their speed. They have been known to swim as fast as 22 mph.” !


Horse Drawn Carriages and Buggies
While they may be speedy, Leah Michelle says we shouldn’t ride them in the city, so we can’t have one here at Buzzfeed :(


Rye, fescue and Bermuda are some of the fastest growing grasses. According to science they can grow upwards of an inch over the course of several days!


Doin’ taxes the old fashioned way, with paper, pencil and calculator.


The long wait for Mitt Romney to deliver a sensical and amusing joke


Grandma in a paddle boat. She still has a lot of life left in ‘er.


STAIRS! 11 Floors of opportunity to perfect your fine ass!

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