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When Barack Obama Said His Favorite Food Is Broccoli I Almost Died

Mr. President is such a tease. And I took the bait.

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Dear world,

When I read the news that broccoli was our admirable president’s favorite food, I nearly fainted.

It was a beautiful July day.

A beach day.

Oh President, dear president, the gift you bestowed upon me on that day is invaluable.

And you, always so humble.

But you never stop. And there you went, announcing that the green, cruciferous vegetable is your favorite food.

And you've already given me so much that I love.

But let’s not be coy, Mr. President.

I have a feeling you knew exactly what you were doing.

Let’s start with the obvious.

Your name is Barack.

Which -- honest -- I haven't been able to get over since my very first day seeing it.

But you already knew that.

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