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Get Berkeley Hooked Up

Finally, the #1 College Food & Drink app has landed here at Berkeley! Why do we care? Because we like free food and bomb deals.

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College is stressful, food is expensive, and never knowing where to eat is just a hassle. We all know the struggle of deciding where to eat with takes an eternity. Then, everyone gives up and goes to Chipotle for the fifth time that month anyway. College students Tim Rothwell and Brett Berman were tired of this too, so they created an app to fix it. Fast forward a few years and Hooked is live!

The app provides us with a packed feed of deals that are exclusive to Berkeley. We have our own custom feed with deals at Yogurtland, Seniore's Pizza, Smart Alec's, and so much more. This app will truly hook you up anywhere on campus; any time of the day.

The deals are short term, meaning new ones are continually introduced to the feed every few hours. With over 100 deals per day, there's no shortage of hook ups.

Feeling Lazy? Well duh. Hooked organizes it's deals based on what's closest to your location so you don't have to bust a mission just to eat. On a budget? Again, duh. They also frequent with free items and're welcome.

To sum it up for you, there's no reason not to have this thing on your phone. It's free food and huge discounts at no cost to you. There's a reason it's #1!

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