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    20 Ways To Know You're A Crossfitter

    It's a language all your own.

    1. You understand what acronyms like WOD and AMRAP stand for.


    Your non-Crossfit friends look at you weird when you use them too.

    2. Counting down backwards from 10 can only mean one thing.


    3, 2, 1, GO!

    3. You have suffered the lash marks associated with double unders.


    Oh don't worry about those streaks up my legs, arms, butt, etc.

    4. Box jumps and shins don't always get along.


    Did that box just move?

    5. Fran can be one mean, mean lady.


    If she takes a celebrity trainer to the brink, where will she take you?

    6. You're beginning to wonder how many other ways you could possibly "Sally Up."


    Your muscles will be singing at the two minute mark.

    7. Rich Froning and Annie Thorisdottir aren't human.


    How else do you win the Crossfit Games more than once?

    8. You know you are a part of a community.


    Someone is always there to cheer you on no matter if you are the first or last done.

    9. Chalk is your best friend.


    Although your hands will inevitably still look like they went through a shredder.

    10. Achieving something like a muscle-up or a new PR can make your day.


    Mission accomplished.

    11. The importance of the right shoe cannot be stressed enough.


    Running shoes need not apply. Reebok has the sponsorship, but others work great too.

    12. You love that you never do the same thing twice.


    Goodbye treadmill. I won't miss you.

    13. One word: burpees.


    You mostly have a hate-hate relationship with them.

    14. You swear by the kip.


    Don't tell us it isn't hard.

    15. You know the importance of proper form.


    "No rep" are the worst words to hear.

    16. You have tried Paleo at some point in your life.


    Whether it stuck or not is a different story.

    17. You can't remember the last time you weren't sore.


    No pain, no gain right?

    18. You're in the best shape of your life.


    Stuff like olympic lifting, rope climbing and tire flipping will do that to a person.

    19. You tell EVERYONE you know about Crossfit.


    Because lets be honest, we can't shut up about it.

    20. When a non-Crossfitter says it's just a fad workout, you KNOW they are wrong.

    Via Facebook: CrossFitCOMO

    Once you're hooked, there is no looking back.

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