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    17 Times America's Next Top Model Contestants Were Basically You In College

    They want to be on top, but you just want to pass your classes...

    1. Eating In Bed

    Katie Zilcosky / Via

    Cycle 10's Dominique Reighard proves that sometimes the kitchen or even a table just won't do. Eating in bed it is.

    2. Meeting Someone Who's Just Too Young

    It turns out that Renee Bhagwandeen from Cycle 20 is also all too familiar with that "He's cute, but..."

    3. Thinking you did worse than you actually did

    Danielle Evans from Cycle 6 underestimated herself in the competition and you underestimated yourself on that exam you said you failed.

    4. Having one of THOSE days...

    You're not alone. Cycle 19 gave Leila Goldkuhl that same feeling.

    5. Not feeling totally at ease in social situations

    College can be awkward sometimes, you are awkward sometimes, Allison Harvard from Cycle 12 can be awkward sometimes. It's all just kind of awkard...

    6. Blaming the world

    Brittany Hatch's blames her Cycle 8 Go-See disaster on her driver and you can blame you spilling coffee on yourself before your 9am on something else, too.

    7. Completely blanking

    Katie Zilcosky / Via

    You relate to Jade Cole from Cycle 6 becuase she couldn't remember the name of that CoverGirl product just like you couldn't remember types of rocks on your earth science exam.

    8. Doing as you pleased when you went out

    Nothing is keeping Cycle 8's Natasha Galkina from being happy and dancin' tonight, and nothing stopped you after a few drinks either.

    9. Having a few too many glasses of wine

    Katie Zilcosky / Via

    Tiffany Richardson from Cycle 4 went out for a nice time, accidentally over did it on the Chardonnay, and ended up throwing up. Sound familiar?

    10. ...And then waking up the morning after all that wine

    Katie Zilcosky / Via

    Who is that dirty person staring back at you in the mirror? You don't even recognize her. And you've got a killer headache. But take note from Angelea Preston in Cycle 14 who still booked all 6 of her Go-Sees.

    11. Getting sick of your messy roommate

    Writing "Clean Your Shit" in some brownies on #ANTM #Cycle3 #NHBuzzfeed

    Katie Zilcosky / Via

    Eva and Ann chose to write "Clean Your Shit" in Cassie's low-carb browines to deal with her during Cycle 3, and you totally would have done the same if your slob roommate ate low-carb brownies.

    12. Crying

    Happy tears, sad tears, angry tears, any tears anytime, and here are some Cycle 2 ladies who are joining you on that endeavor.

    13. Constantly calling your mom

    Katie Zilcosky / Via

    Cycle 19's Victoria Henley was always calling her mom to keep her going, just like you.

    14. Just flat out making things up

    Katie Zilcosky / Via

    Don't know the exact lines in a CoverGirl commercial? Make it up. Don't remember exactly what you were supposed to say during your presentation? Make it up.

    15. Struggling with chores

    Katie Zilcosky / Via

    Struggling to cook, do laundry, or make your bed happens if you're in college or if you're Cycle 16 of America's Next Top Model like Jaclyn Poole.

    16. Helping your friends sort out their long distance relationship problems (or being that friend with the long distance relationship problems)

    Katie Zilcosky / Via

    You were either Nnenna (who had boyf issues through the show), or you were Jade (who helped Nnenna with those boyf issues).

    17. And then FINALLY feeling like you nailed it

    Katie Zilcosky / Via

    Just like Angelea felt great after her walk on the runway, you felt great about that job interview you just walked out of knowing you won't be unemployed after graduation.