Terry Harrison
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    • Terry Harrison

      Excuse me for stating the obvious: Hispanic voters are ALREADY voting Democrat! (Has ANYONE on the Republican side checked the demographics over the last few voting cycles?) So the Republicans helping to “legalize” 11-33 million more Democrat voters is supposed to help the GOP grow? Give me a break. This demonstrates how out of touch establishment Republicans are!
      If the Republicans have a message for the Hispanic community, why aren’t they already getting it out? And how exactly is amnesty for illegal immigrants supposed to help that message? Is it suppose to say, “We know you don’t respect the laws of our country (otherwise you wouldn’t be here illegally), and we know the Democrats are just dying to get you on more government hand out programs to buy and keep your vote (and keep you in poverty, ala the black community) but we’re ‘nice’ people. So maybe if we legalize you, you’ll join us, right?” Yeah, that’ll work.

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