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How To Plan The Perfect Valentine’s Day Without Breaking The Bank

A few ideas to help you give your Valentine a wonderful day without it costing the earth, with ideas on making your own card, cooking a lovely dinner and a unique gift idea!

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You don’t have to break the bank to keep from breaking your lover’s heart on Valentine’s Day. Imagination and initiative will go a long way in coming up with some innovative and delightful ideas of how to melt your other half's heart and celebrate Valentine’s Day on a budget.

The Card

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Make your own! This is such a fantastic idea and there are great reasons for making your own card - sometimes it is difficult to find a card that is not too intimate or too distant, not too serious nor too funny, too sexy or too detached. The design of the card can be simple. Take a photo you have of both of you, glue it to the front of a piece of quality card folded in two. On the inside the card, write where and when the photo was taken and how much it meant to you to have been there with them. Click on the video link above to get some more card making ideas.

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Giving the gift of your time is very often enough to sweep your lover off their feet, make up a few individual promise notes and offer to do something for them which they can't do or hate doing, for example, offer to wash and valet their car, walk their dog in the cold evenings, help re-decorate a room for them, do their ironing etc, you get my drift... the possibilities are endless.

The Romantic Meal

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Taking your loved one out for dinner on Valentine’s Day is not always ideal. The experience may leave you with an empty wallet and usually most restaurants are overcrowded leading to an expensive and unromantic experience. Instead, why not buy in the ingredients for his/her favourite food, splash out on a lovely bottle of Prosecco and make some valentine cocktails.

The Ambience

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Set your table at home and light a candle or two and this will give you a wonderfully romantic evening at less than half the price. Make up a romantic playlist with some steamy tracks and should the romance of the moment inspire you to passion, you won't even have to drive home first!

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