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Top 14 Most Terrifying Disney Villain Deaths

Did these scare you as a child?

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This is a list of Disney villians who actually died, not just who were defeated. For example, it does not include Jafar from Aladdin because he was just simply trapped in a magic lamp, he did not actually die.

#14. Ratigan from The Great Mouse Detective

Raitgan falls from the top of Big Ben. Sure, it is just a fall and does not include blood or stabbings, but it is still terrifying. Although it is a pretty tame death, falling from the top of Big Ben is very scary.

#13. Charles. F. Muntz from Up

Muntz gets caught in some balloons and falls to his death, from really, really high up. Although it is just another fall, Muntz is at terrifying heights. We can only imagine what went through Muntz's head during this very long fall.

#12. Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog

Dr. Facilier dies by being sucked into the mask and voodoo dolls' world, which is like dying. Through the entire movie, Dr. Facilier bragged about his relationship with the sprits and his voodoo friends, and this "death" serves him right. They come for his soul at his darkest moment, making this death chilling and terrifying.

#11. King Candy/Turbo from Wreck it Ralph

Although this happens pretty quickly and vaguely, this death, if you think about it, is pretty bad. King Candy flies into a beacon and is instantly incinerated. Getting burned is pretty painful, but because it happens instantly, it isn't too terrifying, which is why it is at the top of the list.

#10. Mother Gothel from Tangled

As Mother Gothel is rapidly aging, she falls out the window of a very high tower. She not only suffers from the split second of her fear of becoming old and ugly, but then she freaks out so much that she ends up falling out of the window, making this a pretty terrifying death.

#9. Clayton from Tarzan

Although it is sort of unclear on how Clayton dies, as he is falling while tangled in the vines, he manages to cut some of the vines off of him, but not in time for the vines to snap his neck. The part that is unclear is if the vines actually snap his neck, or if he just hangs himself, but for the sake of this list, we are going to conclude that the neck snapping is how Clayton dies. This death happens very quickly and although this is not gory, it is still pretty terrifying.

#8. Judge Claude Frollo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Judge Claude Frollo dies after he is scared by a gargoyle and falls, yes another fall, into a lake of molten copper. Frollo is probably one of the most evil, terrifying Disney villains and it fits that he would suffer. Frollo claimed to serve the church that he falls from, falling into a metaphorically hellfire. Karma?

#7. Gaston from Beauty and the Beast

This always gave me the chills. Although Gaston is an idiot, this death is pretty terrifying. Yes, it is another fall, but this time, the fall ends with a very rocky, pointy bottom. Gaston could have lived after Beast came him mercy, but Gaston wanted to win so badly he couldn't just walk away. He loses his grip and falls, landing in who even knows what. This death always made me cringe and although it is just another fall, it is where he lands that makes it so bad.

#6. Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty

Prince Phillip saves the day when he stabs Maleficent, as a dragon, directly in her heart, and she falls off a cliff. Not only is she stabbed, but also she falls off of the cliff and into a fire. Of course there are worse stabbings in Disney films, but this one definitely deserves to be closer to the top.

#5. The Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

The Evil Queen dies as she is disguised as the Old Hag. She is blindsided by the lightning and falls off of a cliff, but this isn't all. Not far behind her is a giant boulder that crushes her when she hits the bottom, and then vultures possibly eat her. The scene itself sets the mood, with the thunder and lightning, the dark stormy sky, the pouring rain, and then the death. This entire scene is very terrifying.

#4. Shan Yu from Mulan

Ouch. Shan Yu is killed as he is hit in the chest by a massive middle and dies in a large firework explosion. Although the fireworks made for a very pretty scene, some of Shan Yu's guts were probably in the sky along with the fireworks. Yuck.

#3. Sykes from Oliver and Company

This is pretty intense. Sykes dies by getting obliterated by a train. This is so terrifying because this can really happen. Actually, it has happened. People have really gotten hit by trains before and unfortunately, have passed from it. Of course, it is unrealistic that someone will be stuck in a sports car in the path of an oncoming subway, but it is still terrifying to see a fictional character die in a way that could actually happen in real life.

#2. Ursula from The Little Mermaid

This is the worst stabbing in Disney history. Ursula, after she becomes powerful and makes herself grow, gets stabbed right in the gut with a broken, sharp piece of a ship that Prince Eric steers. He drives the broken ship right into Ursula's stomach as she is being struck by lightning. It wasn't enough when Ursula got stabbed with the bow of the ship, no. The lightning just makes it that much more terrifying.

#1. Scar from The Lion King

This is the worst death in my book. Not only does Scar fall off of Pride Rock, but he is cornered by very angry hyenas and surrounded by fire. He has nowhere to go and the shadows clearly show the hyenas attacking Scar as the fire grows. Getting torn apart by hyenas, who were once his friends, is definitely the most terrifying death in Disney history.

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