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The Definitive Ranking Of Marie's Cutest Moments

Marie is, by far, the cutest kitty in Disney history.

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#10. When she sighs…

Our hearts can't help but melt..

#9. When she is surprised

Those eyes though.

#8. When she bats those precious eyes

How can you say no to that?

#7. When she dreams about boys

We all do it, but not as cute as Marie does.

#6. When she pampers herself

No one can look as cute as Marie can.

#5. When she is being tickled

Whenever any of us are being tickled we look like a fish out of water. Marie just looks adorable.

#4. When she smells dinner

Look at that nose go

#3. When she shakes her booty

No one can move like Marie

#2. Her other dance moves

Like I said, no one can move like Marie.

#1. When she gets the last word in

Like Marie always says, "Ladies don't start fights. But we can finish them."

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