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9 Walt Disney World Secrets That Will Blow Your Mind

Secrets, secrets are no fun, unless you share with everyone!

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#2. Cinderella's Statue


Behind the castle sits a fountain with a statue of Cinderella. When a guest bows down to take a drink from the water fountain facing the statue they will see a crown from the backdrop sitting perfectly on Cinderella’s head.

#3. Kiss Goodnight


This unadvertised, little-known show takes place roughly 30 minutes after the rides close. It features the original dedication speech given by Roy Disney at the grand opening of Magic Kingdom.

#4. Main Street Magic


The windows above Main Street display names of men and women important to the development of Walt Disney World and the Disney family. For example one window lists “Elias Disney, Contractor” a reference to Walt’s dad, who built houses.

#7. The Stretching Room


The ‘stretching’ effect is created by raising the ceiling – at least in Disney World. In Disneyland the floor is lowered in order to get guests past the railroad that runs next door.

#9. Winnie the Pooh & Mr. Toad


In Owl’s house on the Winnie the Pooh ride, there is a picture of Mr.Toad handing over a deed to Owl. The ride is on the site of the former and notorious, Mr.Toad’s Wild Ride.

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