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9 Cute And Classy Bridal Shower Games

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#1. Put a Ring On It


As guests arrive hand them a plastic ring and explain that no one at the shower is allowed to say the forbidden word (or words if you want to make it really tricky). The word(s) can be anything you like from the groom’s name to the word wedding itself. Inform everyone that if they say the forbidden word(s) the person who catches them is allowed to steal their coveted plastic wedding bling. At the end of the shower the person with the most wedding rings wins!

#2. Recipe for Love


Pass out wooden spoons and sharpies and ask the guests to write down their best wedding advice for the bride and groom. Ask them not to sign it as this message is supposed to be anonymous. Now for the fun part – collect the spoons once the guests have completed their task and give them to the bride to read aloud. Have fun listening to the collection of wedding wisdom. We guarantee they’ll be some blush worthy tips! Once every spoon has been read allow the bride to choose her favorites and award the advisors a prize

#3. Incognito Engagement Ring


Drop a plastic wedding ring into cupcake batter before baking. Bake cupcakes as usual but don’t tell a soul about the surprise. Set up a decoration station and ask all of the guests to create a bridal themed confection. Ask the bride-to-be to rule in on which cupcake creation is her favorite. The winning cupcake creator gets to pick a prize. But wait , the funs not over yet. Before guest start to dig into their freshly frosted treats let them know that one lucky lady has a hidden surprise inside her cupcake. Once the ring is found award the guest a prize and inform her that tradition says she is next in line to say, “I do”.

#4. Bridal Bingo


This game is straight forward but so much fun! There are plenty of sites that feature easy to make bingo printables so you can customize your boards. Simply print your boards, start playing, and wait for the inevitable, “BINGO”!

#5. Toilet Paper Dresses


What girl hasn’t thought about designing her own wedding dress? This crazy bridal shower game gives your guests the chance to do so. To play make sure you have plenty of toilet paper and a stop watch. You can either have guests play as teams or try to create their own wedding day ensemble. Set 15 min on the clock and let the madness begin! Once time is up, set up a catwalk and let the bride crown the winner.

#6. Read His Mind


Before the lovey-dovey twosome become one on their wedding day, test their knowledge of each other to find out if they really are ‘of the same mind.’ A week or two before the shower, ask the groom twenty revealing questions about himself and his relationship (if planning a couple’s wedding shower, give the bride her own set of twenty questions to answer), and film the groom answering each question.

#7. Take Yarn, Tell a Yarn


One of the best icebreakers around involves nothing more than a ball of ribbon or yarn. As your guests arrive, give them the ball of ribbon and scissors and instruct them to cut off as much as they think they’ll need—and remain mum when they inevitably ask, “Need for what?” As soon as everyone is situated—absentmindedly playing with their lengths of ribbon—go around the room and have each person talk about himself or herself for as long as it takes to wrap the piece of yarn around a finger. The longer the string, the longer they talk—and the more you get to know your guests!

#8. Memory Lane


This game is every bride’s sentimental favorite. When you send out each guest’s shower invitations, include a blank note card along with a request to write down his or her favorite memory of the bride, groom or the couple. When they arrive, have your guests drop their memories into a card box. At the shower, read each memory out loud and ask the bride and/or groom to guess which guest wrote it. From childhood memories to milestone moments, each card reflects the personal bond that each guest has with the couple. And, at the end of the day, the bride has a stack of personal keepsakes to cherish always

#9. Bridal Pictionary


This game is far from picture-perfect, but that’s half the fun! To get started, you’ll need a large pad of paper or a dry erase board, markers, slips of paper and a bowl. Write down common wedding-related sayings on each slip of paper and place in the bowl. Here are some great examples: “going to the chapel,” “wedded bliss,” and “always a bridesmaid, never a bride.” Then, divide the guests into two teams. Each team—and team member—takes turns pulling a piece of paper from the bowl. The person who pulls must be the artist for that round. He or she draws the image (without writing words or letters) within a 60-second time limit. If the artist’s team doesn’t guess the correct answer, the other team gets a shot. The team who guesses the most sayings correctly wins.

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