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8 Drug References Found In Disney's Alice In Wonderland


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Everyone says that Disney's Alice in Wonderland is all about drugs... well... they're right. Drugs were huge in the 50's, which is when Alice in Wonderland came out. Drugs were not frowned upon as much as they are now, which is how Disney was able to in cooperate some drug references into the film (mainly for the adults pleasure while they are being forced to watch a children's movie).

#1. Hallucination

-As Alice is falling down the rabbit hole, it can be interpreted as Alice having a "drug trip".

#2. Marijuana (on more than one occasion)

-The first can be found while Alice is talking to the flowers. The purple flower mentions that she is a "weed". Then she coughs and a puff of smoke comes out of her mouth.

- The second is when mouse falls down while holding onto a small umbrella, with his eyes looking dazed and colorful fireworks surrounding him. This is sort of obvious to the older crowd on what this means.

#3. Smoking a pipe

-The walrus is clearly smoking a pipe. No explanation needed.

-The Dodo bird can also be found smoking a pipe.

#4. Coke

-While at the Tea Party, Alice puts her face in sugar.. You can easily interpret this as coke.

#5. Alcohol

-The doorknob tells Alice to drink a bottle labeled "DRINK ME", which then makes her grow, implying there is some sort of drug inside. The same goes for the cookies that say "EAT ME" which make her shrink.

#6. Mushroom

-Alice asks the caterpillar for help and his advice is to eat a piece of the mushroom.. enough said.

#7. Smoking a hookah

-The caterpillar is clearly smoking a hookah. It is right there in front of your eyes.

#8. Speed

-The white rabbit is always in a rush, always running around, and in one scene, his eyes are even blood shot.

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