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    19 Signs You're Rachel Green From Friends

    Let's be real, who doesn't want to be Rachel?

    #1. You were awkward in high school although at the time you thought you were cool


    #2. But then you snapped out of it and came into the real world


    #3. Where you got your first job.. and your first paycheck.. which you were super excited about


    #4. You know that you don't really get along with other girls

    #5. But you do have your few very close friends

    #6. And although you guys sometimes fight..

    #7. You know nothing will ever become between you guys

    #8. You solve things the grown up way

    #9. You have a very difficult love life

    #10. But you found the one you want to be with

    #11. Although you are constantly on and off.. (Relationships can be difficult)

    #12. But you guys make awesome parents

    #13. You make yourself laugh (even if others don't find it funny)

    #14. You make the ugliest dress look good

    #15. You have your priorities set

    #16. You can be sassy and sarcastic at times

    #17. You can be a little ditzy sometimes

    #18. And although you're still a little spoiled

    #19. You're pretty damn happy with the way you turned out

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