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15 Reasons Why Carrie Underwood's Instagram Proves Her Perfection

Carrie Underwood is a Goddess.

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#1. Her relationship with her mom

#2. And with other country artists, like Miranda Lambert

#3. And we can't forget her husband

#4. She looks hot in anything she wears

#5. Those shoes though...

#6. And this dress.. Stunning..

#7. When she volunteers her time to help puppies

#8. Or whenever she spends time with her own dogs

#9. When she shows her love and affection for her newborn child

#10. And when she shows her excitement of finally releasing a photo

#11. When she shows off her new album cover….

#12. Or when she shows off her rockin body on the beach

#13. And another time..

#14. Her perfection when shooting for her new Almay commercial

#15. And lastly, her promo for her new single "Little Toy Guns" says it all..

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