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11 Signs You And Your BFF Are Winnie The Pooh And Christopher Robin

Do you and your best friend resemble two of animations best BFFs?

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#1. You both love helping your friends, especially when one is missing their tail.

#2. You and your best friend are usually the lead of the friend group

#3. Nothing makes you feel better than a hug from your best friend


#4. You guys never run out of anything to talk to.. no matter how many BFF chats you have together..

#5. You always know how to lift each other's moods

#6. You always know you'll have each other to rely on

7. You'll always be there to celebrate special occasions together

#8. You guys will always be there to get one another out of tough situations

#9. You will always back up your BFFs plan.. no matter how silly it may seem (and your BFF will do the same for you)

#10. The simplest things are always so much more fun with your BFF there

#11. But at the end of the day, your just thankful to have your BFF by your side

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