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11 Signs That Your Turning Into A Disney Character

Are you starting to talk to animals? Or maybe your just always really happy? Well maybe they are signs that you are going to be the next Disney princess.

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#1. Animals are starting to follow you around


I'm talking wild animals.. Like deer, rabbits, birds, squirrels, etc.

#2. You've started to get crazy ideas.. and thinking..


Thankfully we aren't Gaston

#3. At least one magic carpet has flown by your house


Don't freak out. You'll get used to it.

#4. Lifting things above your head is becoming a daily things


Whether it be plates, books, babies...

#5. You break into song without realizing it


Hey.. it happens..

#6. Most of your problems are solved within 90 minutes


This is definitely a perk of becoming a Disney character. Who wouldn't want their problems solved this quickly.

#7. You've had a growth spurt.


Even though you are in your twenties and you didn't eat anything weird

#8. You find yourself out in the woods a lot


Don't be scared.. it probably has something to do with singing.. or dancing..

#9. Every guy you meet is a prince


Okay, maybe this is the best part of becoming a Disney character.. not the whole problem solving thing.

#10. You've misplaced your shoes


You know you had them a minute ago.. where could they have gone?

#11. Your neighborhood has gotten a lot colder


And you've found a talking snowman

#12. You use terms like "oh boy" and "gawrsh"


This isn't a bad thing.. Everybody loves cute little lingos!

#13. You're always really happy


Are you always smiling? Do you whistle while you work?

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