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10 Things You Didn't Know About Happy Days

Sunday.. Monday.. Happy Days..

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#1. The TV Series was supposed to be titled "Cool" / Via

When "Happy Days" creator Garry Marshall first developed the series, he initially wanted to title the show "Cool." This did not go over well with focus groups, and the show was soon renamed.

#2. "Happy Days" spawned 3-8 spin-off series (depending on your definition of a "spin-off") / Via

"Laverne & Shirley," "Mork & Mindy," and "Joanie Loves Chachi" are the most widely known of the spin-off series. There was also "Blansky's Beauties" and "Out of the Blue" which both starred characters who made their introduction on "Happy Days". Lastly, there were the animated spin-offs "The Fonz and the Happy Days Gang," "Laverne & Shirley in the Army" (later renamed "Laverne & Shirley With Special Guest Star the Fonz") and "Mork & Mindy".

#3. Potsie would sometimes provide the singing voice heard in the Jukebox / Via

Getting clearance for popular '50s tunes was expensive. Because of this, Anson Williams, who played Potsie, would sometimes provide the singing voice heard coming through the jukebox at Arnold's.

#4. Fonzie wore a windbreaker when he made his first appearance instead of his famous leather jacket... why? / Via

ABC executives wanted Fonzie to wear a windbreaker in his first appearance because they felt the leather jacket made him look like a hoodlum. Series creator, Gary Marshall, eventually convinced them to allow Fonzie to wear his leather jacket (in scenes that only also featured his motorcycle). Marshall than told ABC to place Fonzie's motorcycle in every single one of Fonzie's scene, which soon led to the agreement that Fonzie could always wear his famous leather jacket.

#5. The Monkees' member, Mickey Dolenz was a front-runner to play the part of Arthur Fonzarelli. / Via

Before the decision of casting Henry Winkler as Fonzie, Mickey Dolenz almost took the part. Dolenz and Winkler remember each other during auditions and Dolenz even claims in an interview, "[Winkler] has talked about it, saying he walked in and saw me there, and thought, 'Oh s***. I'll never get it."

#6. Robin Williams (RIP) didn't even have to audition / Via

When Robin Williams arrived to audition for the part of Mork, an alien who abducts Richie in the episode "My Favorite Orkan", he was directed to sit down by the show's producer. Instead of sitting down, Williams faced the chair and sat on his head. He got the role immediately.

#7. Al Molinaro reprised the role of Al Delvecchio in the 1994 music video for "Buddy Holly" / Via

Weezer's music video depicts the band performing at Arnold's Drive-In. The majority of the "Happy Days" cast can also be spotted in the video.

#9. A few cast members filed a lawsuit against CBS / Via

In 2011, cast members Anson WIlliams, Donny Most, Erin Moran and Marion Ross, along with Tom Bosley's widow, filed a lawsuit against CBS and Paramount Pictures for failure to pay merchandising revenues. They wanted $10 million, but The New York Post reported each cast member was only awarded $65,000.

#10. Fonzie's motorcycle went for up auction as part of Bonhams' Classic California collection in 2011 / Via

Despite not being in working condition, estimated auction price for the 1949 Triumph Trophy TR-5 motorcycle was between $60,000 and $80,000. The motorcycle didn't sell, but parts of the bike's specs can be obtained on the Bonhams' website.

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