Kayvan G.
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  • Community, 30 Rock-style

    Save Community! Now featuring Jim Rash! Another re-imagining of everyone’s (except those with Nielsen boxes) favorite show, this time mixed with 30 Rock. Seriously, people: tell your friends to watch Community. Make your friends watch Community. Just go do it. Also, be sure to watch 30 Rock when it comes back in January, but while you’re watching 30 Rock, think about Community sitting on the bench, and how much happier you’d be if you lived in a universe where both of these shows could air on the same night and actually pull good ratings.

  • Community, Parks And Recreation-Style

    An ode to two of the greatest and least-watched shows on television, “Community” and “Parks and Recreation”. Please help keep quality entertainment on the air by watching these shows and telling your friends. Also, buy the DVDs. Every little bit helps, right? (via reddit.com)

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