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    30 Things That Look Weird, But Are Actually Really Useful

    Yes, these things exist.

    1. A pair of shredder claws, so you can shred meat like Wolverine in the kitchen. It'll protect your fingertips from getting burnt and make it way easier to prepare that pulled pork recipe you've been dying to try out.

    A person using metal claws to shred meat on a plate

    2. A pair of exfoliating foot peel booties that'll remove dead skin in a gross, but very satisfying way. They're filled with a special serum that's packed with lactic, glycolic, salicylic, and citric acids to smooth, moisturize, and reenergize your tired feet.

    Three people lying on a bed with foot peel booties on their feet

    3. A night light that'll brighten up your bathroom like a glow stick. It'll hang from the edge of your toilet bowl and save you from having to turn on the overhead light when you use the bathroom at 2 a.m.

    4. A pack of little furniture socks that'll protect your floors from scratches. They're made of stretchy polyester material that'll fit table and couch legs up to two inches wide. The thick felt padding on the bottom will keep your chairs from sliding, too.

    5. A corgi mouse pad that is just too cheeky for words. It'll add a little personality to your workspace, and it has a cushioned wrist rest that'll make using your mouse much more comfortable.

    6. A skin for your Airpod case that'll showcase your love for chicken nuggets. It's a great way to protect and accessorize your case, and it has a little cutout at the bottom, so you can charge your case without taking off the skin.

    A person holding an earbuds case that has a silicone skin in the shape of a chicken nugget

    7. A pack of microfibre slippers that'll make cleaning your floors easier and WAY more entertaining. They're soft enough that you can use them on any floor, and can even be attached to your broom to convert it into a mop.

    A person wearing microfibre slippers over their shoes to clean their floor

    8. A set of hooks that'll make it look like tiny humans are crawling up your walls. You can use them literally anywhere in your home to help organize small items like headphones, keys, or towels.

    Three wall hooks in the shape of small people with a scarf, a jacket, and a bag hanging from them

    9. A silicone pet-feeding mat that'll distract your doggo and make it a lot easier to bathe and groom them. It has a bumpy texture, so it'll take your fur baby longer to finish their snack.

    A dog licking peanut butter off a small silicone mat that stuck to a bathroom wall

    10. A posture-correcting brace that'll help you break your bad habit of slouching. It has a similar design to a backpack, with adjustable straps to keep it from digging into your arms. Plus, it's slim enough that you can wear it underneath your shirt, without adding extra bulk.

    11. A set of stainless steel tongue scrapers that'll reduce the amount of toxins and bacteria that build up in your mouth. Reviewers say their mouths feel cleaner and that it’s really helped with their bad breath.

    12. A pair of leaf scoops that'll make raking leaves feel like less of a chore. They're basically like Hulk-sized rakes for your hands, so you can pick up large piles of leaves in one go.

    A person picking up a pile of leaves with huge claw-like leaf scoops on their hands

    13. An extra-large tortilla blanket that'll transform you into the human-sized burrito you've always dreamed of being. It's made of soft fleece that make it feel as good as it looks.

    A person wearing a round fleece blanket over their shoulders as they sit at their desk

    14. A cult-favourite foaming face mask that'll make your skin tingle, but in a good way. It's a clay-based mask, so it'll give your pores a deep cleanse and leave your skin looking and feeling squeaky clean afterward.

    15. A shrimp-shaped pillow that'll wrap around your neck like an oversized blanket scarf. It’ll support your chin properly, so you can sleep comfortably, even if your sitting upright.

    16. A little brush that'll stick to the bottom of your sink, so you can quickly and safely clean your glasses. The long bristles and round shape will reach the bottom of all your mugs, wine glasses, and baby bottles to make sure they're squeaky clean.

    A person placing a wine glass over an upright cleaning brush with large bristles

    17. An animal-shaped utensil holder that'll clip right onto the side of your pot or pan. It'll chomp right onto your spoons or spatulas, keeping them secure and your countertops spotless.

    A pig-shaped utensil holder clamped over a pot full of soup and pasta A wooden spoon is sitting the pig's mouth

    18. A silicone mat with small grooves that'll keep your cans, jars, and bottles from sliding around in the fridge or on a shelf. Now you stack them into space-saving pyramids, without worrying that they'll fall.

    A silicone mat with cans of pop stacked in a pyramid

    19. A pack of magnets shaped like little cat butts that'll hold your cute candids and important documents in place. Reviewers say that they're small, but the magnets are surprisingly strong.

    A cat-shaped magnet holding up a sheet of paper on a fridge door

    20. A scalp massager brush you'll love if your favourite part of every hair appointment is the complimentary head massage. The bristles will work the shampoo into your hair, making it easier and faster to wash your mane.

    21. A multipurpose metal hook that'll keep you from touching shared surfaces like doors, elevator buttons, PIN pads, and ATMs. It's small enough to fit on your keyring or in your pocket, and it has a stylus tip, so you can even use it on devices with touchscreen.

    22. A pack of nail clips that'll help you remove your gel mani safely. Instead of struggling to wrap and unwrap aluminum foil around your nails, these plastic clips clamp onto your nails and won't fall off if you move your hands.

    A person wearing plastic nail clips over their finger nails

    23. A set of tiny sponges that'll make washing your water bottle a piece of cake. They're filled with little ceramic beads to clean those hard-to-reach spots. Just fill the bottle with soap and water, and then shake.

    24. A beard bib that'll collect all your hair trimmings and make cleanup an absolute breeze. The ends stick to the mirror with suction cups and there's a built-in tray to hold your grooming tools.

    A person wearing a long bib around their neck The ends are attached to a mirror with suction cups

    25. A pack of jelly-like food huggers that'll create a tight seal around your fruits and vegetables to make them last longer. They're reusable, waterproof, and come in different sizes to accommodate a variety of produce.

    A large glass bowl, along with a half cut lemon, melon, and avocado are covered in a stretchy silicone cover

    26. A ball of slime that'll remove dust from your vents and console. The cleaning putty is an eco-friendly alternative to dust wipes because it's reusable and biodegradable.

    A person peeling a ball of slime off a car air vent

    27. A unique ice tray that'll freeze coffee into tiny bean-shaped cubes, so you can cool down your piping hot cuppa Joe, without diluting the flavour. It's made of silicone, so it's super easy to pop the ice cubes out of the tray.

    28. A pack of cable protectors that'll wind around the common stress points on your phone and laptop cords. These little tubes are a small investment that can repair and extend the life of all your charging cables.

    29. A genius brownie pan that'll make every brownie a crispy corner piece, so you won't have to fight over them. It can make a dozen brownies and the non-stick material makes it easy to pull the pieces apart instead of cutting them.

    30. And finally, a grass-inspired dish rack that's perfect for cups and bottles. It's super easy to clean and has a tray at the bottom to collect excess water, so it won't leak all over your countertop.

    A dish mat with tall thin silicone sticks on it A cactus-shaped silicone hook sticks up in the middle

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