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    44 Kitchen Products That Are Just Plain Useful

    I don't know how you've lived this long without them.

    1. A set of silicone baking mats that'll render your cookie spray and roll of parchment paper obsolete. They'll prevent your baked goods from burning or sticking, and they come in three different sizes so they'll fit most cookie sheets.

    A person picking up a cookie from a baking tray with a kitchen spatula The baking tray is line with a silicone mat

    2. An apple slicer that'll cut and core your fruit into eight perfect pieces. You can use it on apples or pears, and it has two large handles on each side that'll take the pressure off your hands and make it easier to cut through the fruit.

    3. A set of stylish pinch bowls that'll come in handy when you're preparing all your ingredients for baking. They're deep enough to hold liquids, and they can also double as small serving bowls for dips or toppings.

    A set of six bowls filled with different ingredients on a counter

    4. A push-up measuring cup that's perfect for sticky ingredients like butter and honey, so you won't have to scrape them out with a spatula.

    5. A rolling utility cart that'll keep all your kitchen essentials organized. You can use it to store your favourite foods and spices for easy access, and it comes with little hooks to hang your small tools (like measuring spoons).

    A slim storage cart that has three tiers and wheels The tiers are filled with food storage containers and canisters

    6. A spatula that'll get every last ounce of food from your bowl, pot, or jar. It'll also elevate your bakeware aesthetic with its artsy face print.

    A spatula sitting on top of a large empty mixing bowl

    7. A game-changing batter dispenser tool that'll make baking cupcakes or muffins a piece of cake. It can hold up to four cups of batter and has a small lever along the handle, so you can control how much batter comes out.

    8. A slim container that'll keep your herbs fresh for up to three weeks. It has a refillable well at the bottom that'll keep the stems hydrated, so the herbs won't dry out.

    A slim transparent container with fresh herbs inside

    9. A lil' ceramic jar that'll look so much better on your countertop than the bag of coffee beans you usually keep there. It comes with bamboo lid that has an airtight seal, so your beans will stay fresh.

    A ceramic jar filled with coffee beans

    10. A knife mat that'll safely store your sharp utensils, so you won't accidentally poke yourself when you reach into your drawer. It's a great alternative to a knife block, if you don't have space on your counter.

    A person picking up a knife from its sleeve of a mat with knives organized neatly

    11. A wooden stand that'll keep your cookbook or tablet at the perfect angle, so you can follow your recipe while whisking and stirring. It also has a helpful equivalents chart written on it, saving you from Googling the right measurement every time.

    12. A pair of oven mitts that'll protect your hands while you move your treats in and out of the oven. The tops have a non-slip silicone coating that'll make it easier to grip your trays and pans.

    A pair of oven mitts hanging from the wall

    13. A citrus press that'll strain and collect your juice in one go. It comes in two-pieces, so you can remove the top part and drizzle lime, orange, or lemon juice on your meal to give it a zesty kick.

    A small citrus press with a handle on top of a small measuring cup with an half cut lemon beside it

    14. A set of pan scrapers that'll remove hardened food from your baking pans, so you won't have to use your nails or a knife to do it. They're made of nylon, so they won't scratch or damage your cookware

    15. A pack of rubber grips, so you can open any stubborn jar with a twist of the wrist. They come in three different shapes and sizes that'll fit any jar or bottle you want to open, and reviewers with joint pain and arthritis say they're super easy to use.

    A person using a small rubber coaster to open a jar of jam

    16. A cabinet tray that'll spin like a lazy Susan and save you from reaching to the back of your cupboard or fridge for your ingredients. And it has a non-slip surface, so your jars and bottles won't fall off when you're spinning it.

    17. A large serving bowl with a built-in colander on the side, so you can strain your fruit, pasta, or salad in the same container. It's deep enough that you can use it as a mixing bowl to soak grains and beans, too.

    A large bowl filled with grape tomatoes and water that has perforated side

    18. Or a genius colander that you can shake to get rid of excess water when you're rinsing your produce. It'll seal your fruits and veggies inside to keep them from flying out and has small holes on both sides to let water out quickly.

    19. A plate cover that'll keep your food from splattering all over your microwave's walls. It has little holes on the top to let out steam, and it folds down to one inch when you're not using it.

    A large silicone bowl is covering a plate of food in the microwave

    20. A plastic storage bin for your eggs that are WAY more durable than the cardboard trays they usually come in. It has handles on the sides that’ll make it easier to take it in and out of the fridge, and it comes with a lid, so you can stack food on top without breaking any eggs.

    The inside of a fridge with two storage bins with eggs inside. The bins have lids and one has two blocks of butter stacked on top

    21. A pizza stone that'll inspire your to make your own homemade pies. It's made of cordierite and will absorb excess moisture to make the crust extra crispy.

    A small pizza on a large pizza stone

    22. A set of heat-resistant cooking tools that even Julia Child would approve of. They're super durable and won't scratch your pots and pans while you're whipping up your next meal.

    A set of nine kitchen tools lying flat on a plain background the top halves are silicone while the handles are made of wood

    23. A set of stainless steel knives that come in different colours, so you'll know exactly which knife to use when you're cooking. They’ll also brighten up your kitchen decor with their bold shades.

    24. A utensil holder with four hidden compartments, so you can organize your kitchen tools by function, colour, or size. And it has a rotating base that'll make it easier to find whatever you're looking for.

    A large porcelain utensil holder filled with wooden spoons and a whisk

    25. A silicone food bag, if you want to take your favourite munchies to go. It has an airtight seal that'll keep your snacks from leaking, so you won't have to clean up crumbs or fruit juice from the bottom of your bag later.

    26. A silicone mat with small grooves that'll keep your cans, jars, and bottles from sliding around in the fridge or on a shelf. Now you stack them into space-saving pyramids, without worrying if they'll fall.

    A silicone mat with cans of pop stacked in a pyramid

    27. A small bowl that'll collect scraps while you're cutting or peeling foods. It'll hold up to eight cups of food waste and comes with a 2-in-1 brush and scraper that'll help you clean your countertops without damaging them or getting your hands dirty.

    A person scraping vegetable and fruit peels into a small bin hanging off the end of a counter

    28. A dinosaur-shaped taco holder that'll make Taco Tuesday Jurassic-ally better. It can hold up to two shells, making it easier to stuff, carry, and eat tacos at the dinner table.

    Two tacos placed on top of a T-Rex shaped toy

    29. A container that'll keep your fruits fresh as heck. It has a removable sieve, so you can rinse and drain your produce before storing it.

    A small container filled with strawberries on a wooden counter

    30. A pair of salad scissors, so you can slice fruits and vegetables as fast as Edward Scissorhands. You can easily chop produce right into the bowl, so you won't need a cutting board. Making a salad just got ten times easier.

    31. A silicone funnel that'll make transferring liquids a mess-free affair. Not only is it super tiny, it's also foldable, so it'll only take up a few inches of space in your kitchen drawer.

    A small silicone funnel balancing on the lip of a glass carafe filled with milk

    32. A foldable cutting board that'll help you transfer your chopped veggies and spices into the pan when you're cooking. It'll lay flat while you're cutting and will transform into a funnel when you grip the handle.

    33. A ceramic bowl that comes with a waterproof silicone lid, if you want to use it as a food container. The lid has a little vent to let out steam, so you won't have to take it off when you stick it in the microwave.

    34. A 3-in-1 avocado tool that'll help you split, pit, and slice like a total pro. If you enjoy having avo toast in the morning, it'll be the most useful gadget in your kitchen. And reviewers say it's easier and safer to use this tool compared to a knife.

    35. A rotary peeler that'll make quick work of shaving all your fruits and vegetables. The blades are made of stainless steel and come in different shapes to peel, cut, and slice your produce. It also has a small potato-eye remover tool on one corner.

    36. A microplane that'll help you grate or zest your favourite foods. There are little notches on the ends that'll make it fit over a mixing bowl without slipping.

    A long thin grater with a handle

    37. A tiny slotted spoon that'll help you get olives out the jar, without picking up any of the juice. It also comes with a stainless steel fork attachment that's designed to get pickles out of the jar, so you won't have to use your fingers.

    38. An emulsifying bottle, if you're someone who really likes making homemade salad dressings, sauces, and marinades. The bottle comes with a Blenderball that'll keep oil and vinegar mixed for up to an hour and a handy spout on the lid, so you can drizzle the perfect amount of tasty dressing over your salad.

    39. A heat-resistant rack puller that'll help you push and pull the racks in the oven. The silicone stick is easy to clean and will keep your hands and arms out of the oven.

    A person using a small long silicone hook to pull an oven rack out of the oven

    40. A three-blade spiralizer that'll transform regular fruits and vegetables into pasta. It comes with three stainless steel blades that'll make spaghetti, fettuccine, or ribbon noodles. Say hello to homemade zoodles!

    A zucchini being turn into curly noodles using a spiralizer machine

    41. A nonstick lasagna pan that's perfect for anyone who loves lasagna as much as Garfield. It split sinto sections, so you can make THREE different different types of lasagna and only clean ONE dirty pan.

    A stainless steel baking pan with three sections that have lasagna in them

    42. A little stand that'll give you a place to rest your lids and utensils to keep your countertops neat and clean when you're making soups and sauces. You can also use it to prop up your cookbook or tablet.

    A small stand with a pot lid and ladle resting on it

    43. A pair of shredder claws, so you can shred meat like Wolverine in the kitchen. It'll protect your fingertips from getting burnt and make it way easier to prepare that pulled pork recipe you've been dying to try out.

    44. And finally, a pack of silicone covers that'll create a tight seal around cans and bowls, if you have leftovers. They're reusable and they come in different sizes to accommodate a variety of containers.

    Two glass bowls of different sizes with silicone covers on them

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