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    33 Gifts That Your Mom Won't Ask For But Will Definitely Love

    Because they're not a regular mom, they're a cool mom.

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    1. A weighted blanket that’ll softly lull them to sleep without crushing their dreams. The weight of the blanket mimics the pressure they'd feel when someone hugs or holds them, providing an instant calming effect.

    2. A voice-controlled smart speaker that'll take all their song requests. The Echo Dot has a fabric design to create a rich and dynamic sound for their entertainment. Alexa can also set alarms, answer questions, and check the weather. All they have to do is say her name, say her name!

    3. A pair of comfy suede slippers that'll feel like a nice, warm hug on their feet. They're lined with extra-cushy memory foam and soft faux fur, so they'll keep their feet comfortable and super cozy.

    4. A beautiful pleated swing skirt that'll make them want to twirl the night away. This midi skirt is simple, but super versatile. Plus, it has a stretchy elastic waistband, so it's extra comfortable.

    5. A deep-cleaning Waterpik that's perfect for anyone who's really into their dental hygiene. This game-changing device will transform the way they clean their teeth as it gently (but effectively) washes plaque and food out of their teeth and gums.

    6. An extra-hydrating sheet mask that's packed with lavender essential oils to reenergize dull and tired skin. One mask is equal to half a bottle of serum that'll quench their #thirsty skin and it's incredibly gentle so it can be used on almost all skin types.

    7. A bestselling KitchenAid stand mixer that'll unleash their inner Martha Stewart. The KitchenAid is the holy grail of cooking appliances and it comes with a flat beater, a dough hook, and a wire whip to do all the heavy lifting.

    8. An old-fashioned mason jar that separates into four differently-sized measuring cups. I know, ~mind blown!~ They’re perfect for anyone who loves shopping secondhand and collecting things that have a vintage aesthetic.

    9. A set of fancy wine glasses, because after a day of being a mom, they deserve a glass or two.

    10. A portable cocktail glass, so they can still enjoy some wine when they're spending time outdoors. It has a protective silicone trim and lid to prevent damage and spills. It's also a great way to cut down on single-use plastic cups.

    11. An Instant Pot that combines nine different kitchen appliances into one and saves space while doing it! The Instant Pot replaces the biggest and bulkiest of kitchen appliances like a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, and steamer. It has 13 smart programs so they can stew, steam, and slow cook all their favourite meals.

    12. A silk sleep mask with an adjustable strap, so they’ll be able to sleep literally anywhere. It’s made of 100% natural silk and is incredibly lightweight, making it a great item to have when they’re travelling.

    13. A small robotic vacuum that'll become their new cleaning companion. This little rugrat will quietly vacuum floors for up to 100 minutes while they take care of the rest!

    14. A 2-in-1 diffuser and humidifier that'll work double time to fill their space with moisture and whatever essential oil they choose. The diffuser’s tank will last up to 10 hours, and it comes with a timer function, so they can decide how long they’d like keep it on.

    15. A digital photo frame, so they can see picture after picture of all their favourite people. It has a motion sensor that'll turn the screen on whenever someone walks by it. It also has ports on the side to plug in USB and SD cards.

    16. A minimalist wall shelf that'll transform their front entryway. It has a rack for their keys, two cubbies for mail, and a shelf to display or store small items. The shelf has metal brackets on the back for easy installation and can hold up to 15 pounds.

    17. A soft and stylish duvet set that'll upgrade their bedroom decor. The duvet cover is made with microfibre polyester and has four corner ties to keep their comforter from moving while they sleep.

    18. A set of loose tea samples from David's Tea that are so good they'll feel a little ~guiltea~ about not sharing. There are 12 different flavours and each tin makes about two cups of tea. Plus, they're all organic and caffeine-free, so they can have a small cuppa before bed to help them unwind.

    19. A microfibre towel that'll absorb water faster than a traditional towel. It's also extra gentle, so their hair is safe from breakage, split ends, and frizz. They just have to wrap up their hair like they normally would and prepare to be amazed.

    20. A two-in-one hair dryer and volumizer that'll achieve that effortless, bouncy blowout that Cindy Crawford and Cher Horowitz perfected in the '90s. They can easily streamline their hairstyling process with this powerful, one-step hair tool.

    21. A cute cat mug for anyone with a not-so-secret cat obsession. This mug will radiate Caturday vibes with every sip, and it comes with a small kitty-shaped spoon to stir their coffee. It’s basically purrrrfect!

    22. A memory foam mattress topper that'll send them off to sleep faster than Goldilocks in someone else's bed.

    23. An electric milk frother that'll steam a cup of milk in seconds. The secret behind this foam-tastic machine is the double-spring whisk head, making it easier and faster to froth a large cup of milk.

    24. A comfy spa pillow that'll support their neck and back as they enjoy a hot bath. It has six suction cups on the back that stick to any surface and an innovative mesh design that allows water and air to pass through quickly, making it a quick-drying and anti-bacterial pillow.

    25. A cooling jade roller and Gua Sha massager that'll release all the tension from their face and promote relaxation. They don't have to believe in the power of crystals to use these amazing facial tools. Together, the jade roller and Gua Sha tools will create an ultra-calming massage duo.

    26. A high-efficiency air purifier that'll keep their air clean AF! It has a smart filter that removes common household allergens like pet dander, dust, and pollen from the air, so they can breathe easy.

    27. A wooden page holder that'll help keep their book open, because book-induced hand cramps are a thing! Now they can comfortably read a book with one hand for a really long time without it getting sore.

    28. A travel-friendly Kindle that'll let them carry their impressive library collection with them at all times. It comes with extra storage and has a long-lasting battery, so they can read whatever they want with the touch of a button!

    29. A pair of luxurious satin pillowcases that'll feel like an absolute dream against their skin. They're also great for hair because they don't absorb moisture like cotton. Their hair will be safe from breakage, and they’ll feel like they’re sleeping on a cloud every night.

    30. A best-selling phone mount for the car that'll keep their cellphone in sight and their hands free. It's compatible with most phone models and is completely adjustable.

    31. A compact Bluetooth speaker that'll clip onto their sun visor, so they can answer every phone call and keep their hands free. It's easy to set up, and once they pair the speaker with their phone, it'll automatically connect every time they get in the car.

    32. A three-dimensional DIY scrapbook box you can fill with photos and messages to create a thoughtful and personal gift. You can design and customize every inch of this card stock box, and even tuck a few small items into the smaller box at the center for an extra special surprise!

    33. And finally, an AncestryDNA kit that'll help them trace their roots back to the furthest possible connection on their family tree. The test will even determine the region where their ancestors migrated from. It's the perfect gift for anyone who's been curious about their family history!

    They'll love their gift because it's great, but mostly because it came from you:

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