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    21 Tech Accessories That’ll Make Your Life So Much Easier

    Screen protectors, phone grips, power bank chargers, and more!

    1. A pack of tiny cable clips to detangle all the cords around your television and computer. The clips come in three sizes (single, double or triple) and can fit cords up to six millimeters wide. They also have an adhesive sticker on the bottom, so you can stick them where you'd like.

    2. A patterned canvas laptop bag that is both cute and functional. The bag has three additional pockets and comes with a detachable strap, so you can wear it as a crossbody bag or use the handles like a briefcase.

    3. A pack of bestselling phone grips for anyone who is always using their phone. The grips make it easier to hold your phone for long periods of time and also prevent you from dropping it. Plus, the fun prints add an extra pop of colour to your phone case.

    4. A phone mount for the car that uses electromagnetic energy instead of clamps or cradles to keep your phone from falling. It also has a rolling ball, so you can adjust or turn the mount with ease.

    5. A portable 3-in-1 tripod with flexible octopus-like legs, so you can mount it anywhere. It has a screw on the top to fit most cameras, two adapters to mount your phone or GoPro, and a universal Bluetooth remote control to take photos from a distance.

    6. A pack of animal-shaped cable protectors to keep your phone cord from bending or breaking. They're made of flexible silicone and work on both iPhone and Android phones.

    7. A pack of braided lightning cords that range from three to ten feet long. The cords are made of extra-durable nylon fiber, so they won't bend and shred like other phone cables!

    8. A super-sturdy headphone mount that fits right under your desk or table. It comes with a sticky adhesive for easy installation but also has holes if you want to screw it in.

    9. A screen protector for your iPhone that's made of extra-durable tempered glass. It adds a much-needed layer to your phone, and is both thin and transparent, so it won't ruin the clarity of your actual screen or the touchscreen sensitivity.

    10. A pack of super-thin camera covers for anyone who thinks the government or a skilled hacker is watching you right now. The covers are compatible with most devices and are a more subtle and stylish alternative to the piece of tape you're currently using.

    11. A portable photo printer that turns your camera photos into tiny, wallet-sized prints. You can send your favourite pictures on social media to the printer using Bluetooth and add fun filters using the HP Sprocket app.

    12. A high-capacity USB flash drive that just happens to look like the internet’s favourite animated alien, Stitch. It's made of flexible and durable rubber and has an eye-catching design, so you won't lose or confuse it with another flash drive.

    13. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, you'll love these waterproof dry bags for your cellphone. The bags come with a detachable lanyard, so you can keep your phone close while you hike, swim, or run. They're also transparent, making it easier to take pictures while you're on the go!

    14. A power bar with a six-foot-long cord that can reach all the places a wall socket can't. Its slim and minimalist design make it a perfect item for small spaces!

    15. A ball of slime that will remove dust from your keyboard and other electronic devices. The cleaning putty is an eco-friendly alternative to dust wipes because it's reusable and biodegradable!

    16. A colourful silicone skin to protect and accessorize your earpods case. The skin comes with a fluffy pom pom keychain, so you can clip it to your bag. It also comes with a silicone strap to turn your AirPods into a traditional set of headphones.

    17. Or an animated silicone skin that is super cute and super extra. The skin comes with a matching charm and has a small loop so you can attach it to a keyring or carbiner clip.

    18. A small-but-mighty power bank charger that will charge your phone up to seven times before it dies. The sleek and compact design makes it easy to travel with and it has two USB ports, so you can charge a couple devices at once. Also, it's a bestseller on Amazon Canada and has over 3,600 five-star reviews!

    19. A simple stand for your phone or tablet that holds your phone at the perfect angle while you sit at your desk, lie in bed, or cook in the kitchen. The stand can hold your device whether it's sitting vertically or horizontally and is high enough to accommodate a charger.

    20. A slim and stylish wireless mouse for anyone who prefers a mouse over the laptop trackpad. It comes with a tiny receiver that fits into the USB port for easy connectivity.

    21. And finally, a pack of 45 colourful and random stickers to decorate all your devices. The stickers range from food and animals to fashion logos and memes. Enjoy!

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